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Electromechanical Equipment Import

We are devoted to electromechanical equipment bidding and import, to promoting technological progress of the state, and to the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. We create professional values with our comprehensive service capability and provide every customer with business solutions integrating resources supply, business consulting, financial support, and logistics service.

Our business scope covers: International and domestic bidding of electromechanical equipment, textile equipment import, mechanical processing equipment import, light industry equipment import, introduction of communications and electronic equipment, medical equipment import, new energy equipment import, introduction of metallurgical equipment and technologies, engineering machinery introduction and introduction of major projects and infrastructure equipment.

No. 1 in Nanjing Customs district for 14 consecutive years

Product & Brand

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    Textile production equipment

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    Mechanical processing equipment

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    High speed rotary offset press

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    Infrastructure equipment and materials

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    Film production line

  • Electromechanical Equipment Import

    Electromechanical equipment

SUMEC T-world

Replying on the business support capability developed in the trade service over the years and emerging Internet and IT, we establish “SUMEC T-world” comprehensive trade service platform, providing users with various online services covering industry information, business introduction and consultation, agency service, equipment resale, to financial services. The platform creates more value for customers by making full use of the advantage of integrating the existing trade flow capacity system and platform-based enterprise operation and maintenance system and promoting the coordination and interconnection of upstream and downstream of supply chain.