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Social Responsibility

Social Public Welfare Activity

  • The Social Welfare Program “Story-field — Philosophy Education for Children”

    SUMEC jointly launched the social public welfare program “Story-field” with the 21st Century Education Research Institute, which aims to provide a formative philosophy education for children in the rural primary school through rural teacher training, philosophy education class and philosophical tale book donation to let them listen to stories, tell stories, make stories and perform stories.

    The Launch Ceremony of SUMEC's Poverty Alleviation through Agricultural Machinery Project

    In 2017, SUMEC Group invested more than 300,000 yuan in Siyang County, as well as various goods and materials equivalent to more than 100,000 yuan. In 2017, Fanjiahu Village, where the poverty alleviation functionaries were stationed, achieved the set goal of poverty alleviation, with its collective economic income exceeding 300,000 yuan, an increase of nearly 170,000 yuan, and the per capita income (PCI) of low-income households exceeding 6,000 yuan.

    SUMEC Donated 3 Million Yuan to Jiangsu Charity Federation

    In an active response to alleviate targeted poverty by charity, SUMEC Group undertook practical actions to contribute to the poverty alleviation of local poverty-stricken people and earnestly fulfilled the social responsibilities required for central enterprises.

    Ren Hongbin, Sinomach Chairman of the Board, was making investigations on the site of SUMEC (Huaibin) Industrial Park, a project on poverty alleviatio

    SUMEC exploits its professional strengths and reasonably allocate resources according to the practical conditions of poverty-stricken regions. It has carried out targeted poverty alleviation in Huaibin of Henan Province, Siyang of Jiangsu Province and Cangzhou of Hebei Province, such as poverty alleviation through industrial development, E-commerce, agricultural machinery and photovoltaic systems.

Promote Cultural Exchanges

  • Carry out Mutual Exchanges with U.S. BBH

    After acquiring U.S. BBH, SUMEC has carried out mutual exchanges with BBH several times and has merged its corporate culture including "encouraging hard work", "encouraging high performance", "admiring innovation" and "providing diversified services to clients" into the operation and management of this overseas subsidiary, which has pulled each other closer.

    English Magazines on SUMEC’s Corporate Culture

    In order to make overseas employees learn more about China and SUMEC, SUMEC has prepared HIGHER LAND and SUNSHINE FAMILY, two English magazines on corporate culture, to keep informing them about SUMEC’s recent news.

    SUMEC——NUIST "Making Rice Dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival" Special Fun Exchange Activity

    In May 2017, SUMEC Hardware & Tools invited nearly 60 foreign students from countries along the "Belt and Road" such as Kazakhstan and Laos to spend the Dragon Boat Festival together with SUMEC employees, eating five “red dishes” (roast duck, amaranth, red-yolk duck eggs, river prawns and yellow croakers) and making rice dumplings to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Building a Green Home

  • The largest wastewater treatment plant in Asia: Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed with the participation of SUMEC. It has a total treatment capacity of 2.8 million tons/day, accounting for 1/3 of the total treatment capacity of Shanghai. In the year when the project was completed and put into operation, it achieved 96% of the newly-added emission reductions of Shanghai, effectively raising the water quality standards and improving the present situation of water pollution, and won the gold prize in the National Quality Engineering Award (NQEA) conferred by NQEA Examination Committee. 

    Ulyanovsk 35MW wind power project in Russia

    Ulyanovsk 35MW wind power project in Russia was co-constructed with the participation of SUMEC together with Dongfang Electric Corporation, the largest wind power project in Russia. It provides rich clean energy for the local economic development and residents’ life, improves the supply level of clean power and fuels the development of local wind power industry. 

    Promote the development of clean energy

    SUMEC provides a one-stop clean energy product and service. In extending its business to areas where energy supply is scarce, it not only improves the current energy shortage, but also reduces the negative environmental impact of traditional thermal power.