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SUMEC ranked the 104th among the China Fortune 500, ranked the 5th in the Forbes Growth Champions List, and was approved to set up a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation. 


SUMEC ranked the 135th among the China Fortune 500, approved to establish a national industrial design center, and was honored as a civilized entity in China in the 5th appraisal. 


SUMEC Corporation Limited officially entered the capital market and was approved to establish the National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center. SUMEC stepped into the industry of rail transit parts & components after the successful acquisition of Jinzhengqi. The successful merge and acquisition of German ISH company laid the foundation for the development of "big auto parts". 


The initial successful issuance of medium-term notes realized direct financing. 


our company completed the first overseas acquisition in which we acquired shares of a famous home textile enterprise in the USA; SINOMACH Renewable Energy Research Institute was established in SUMEC; the first overseas factory was launched in Burma, starting the gradient transfer process of industrial internationalization; SUMEC Japan was set up in Tokyo. 


The main business income exceeded RMB 41 billion; SUMEC Group (HONG KONG) Co., Ltd. was set up to build an international platform for investment and financing. 


Our company implemented the corporate system transformation and was renamed SUMEC Group Corporation.


Our parent company SINOMACH was listed in Fortune Global 500 companies for the first time.


Total volume of import and export exceeded USD 2 billion.


The main business income exceeded RMB 10 billion.


Our company was renamed SUMEC Group Corporation


Our company was affiliated to China Machinery and Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. (The predecessor of "SINOMACH", renamed "China National Machinery Industry Corporation").


The total volume of import and export reached USD 740 million.


SUMEC innovatively put forward a business model in which trade takes the lead, substantial industries support and technology drives, established the electromechanical industrial park in Pukou High-Tech Development Zone of Nanjing and set up the first clothing factory in Luhe, and the strategy of integrating "trade, industry and technology" was started. 


After completing the group reorganization, it established six subsidiaries focusing respectively on complete engineering, marine, machinery & electric, hardware & tools, textile & light industry and import, and set up China National (Jiangsu) Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation, and simultaneously implemented the key employee stock ownership system, becoming the only foreign trade enterprise being honored by the State Council. 


The total volume and import and export exceeded USD 400 million, ranking No. 1 in the same industry in Jiangsu Province.


SUMEC Building was established.


It was renamed China National (Jiangsu) Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Group Corporation, under the administration of China Machinery and Equipment Export Company (CMEC). 


SUMEC brand was established, the total volume of import and export exceeded USD 100 million.


It was renamed Jiangsu Machinery and Equipment Import & Export Company and was under the administration of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Machinery Industry.


It was relocated to 190 Changjiang Road and had its own office space.


China Machinery and Equipment Export Company Jiangsu Branch, the predecessor of SUMEC, was established with the export volume was USD 3.45 million mainly in export of electromechanical products.