This case, which has been selected into the MBA program of CEIBS, comes from SUMEC

2019-11-04 打印
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On October 30, Professor Mr. Shameen of CEIBS led over 30 foreign MBA students from 14 different countries to visit Jiangsu SUMEC Textile Co., Ltd., an affiliate to SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter “SUMEC”), with the intention of studying the internationalization of SUMEC Textile as a MBA case. Yang Yongqing, Secretary of CPC Committee & Chairman of SUMEC, gave a lecture under the topic of “The Globalization of SUMEC” to the students. Chairman Wang Shentao, General Manager He Jun, General Manager Assistant Ni Guofeng and other managers of SUMEC Textile exchanged ideas with the students.



At the lecture site, Chairman Yang Yongqing introduced that SUMEC has long been adhering to the global thinking, focusing on the strategic positioning of the international enterprise group with supply chain integrated services as the main body and advanced manufacturing and engineering contracting as the two limbs, and deepening the global market layout in every business segment:

lLogic of Globalization Development Strategy

Committed to becoming the organizer and integrator of the global industrial chain and building a “joint fleet” that can fight as a separate individual and win as an integral whole.

lExploration and Practice of Globalization

Deepen the distribution of global market, enhance the transnational business capabilities, advance international capacity cooperation, carry out overseas investments and acquisitions, and expand overseas engineering projects.

Then, Chairman Yang Yongqing answered the students’ questions about the overseas supply chain layout of SUMEC, the overseas organization management model and the localization management idea of overseas enterprises. Wang Shentao and He Jun coordinated the main management team to communicate with teachers and students. Through the ideological collision with teachers and students who had a broad vision, in-depth thinking and a profound understanding of the industry and sector development trends, we could enlighten each other on better international business ideas, learn from each other and seek common development.