NetSuite system put into service in North America

2020-07-08 打印
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With continuous growth of overseas operations and increasing demand for risk management, information systems play a more prominent role in daily work. To better serve transparent management of overseas companies and realize early warning of operational risks, FIRMAN, a generating equipment brand under SUMEC Group affiliated to Sinomach, recently rolled out a new NetSuite system at its North American subsidiary.

The information system upgrade involves a mass of sub-modules, such as sales, procurement, finance, logistics and warehousing, after-sales, budget control, and electronic data interchange. It opens up the big data channel to help FIRMAN’s domestic headquarters and overseas subsidiaries share resources and improve the efficiency of their teamwork, facilitating the brand’s expansion in North America.

For instance, online sales orders have greatly increased in recent years, and now reach over 1,000 orders per day in peak season. The new system integrates order confirmation, shipping documents and forwarding, which improves work efficiency as well as data accuracy and also shortens order lead time.