A Responsible Central Enterprise: SUMEC Dedicated its Integrated Resources to Expand the Production Capacity of Medical Protective Wear

2020-02-12 打印
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In the face of the current war against COVID-19, SUMEC Group is actively undertaking social responsibilities, donating RMB 3 million to Wuhan at the beginning of the outbreak while contributing as a competitive importer to the local government in its fighting.

On January 24, SUMEC Textile and Light Industry Co., Ltd. inducted regularly priced 100,000 masks into the market in collaboration with HUITONGDA. On January 30, SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd., contributed to the war against COVID-19 in Nanjing and fulfilled its social responsibilities by playing an active role in the induction of related resources, importing masks, goggles, protective wear and thermometers worth of RMB 20 million from overseas countries.

To cater for an enormous shortage of masks and protective wear, SUMEC significantly alleviated the raw material need of our partner Enshi Jiancheng Protective Products Co., Ltd., for the resumption and expansion of production by establishing a closer link with it through shareholding and utilizing the advantage of a central enterprise in resource intergeneration. A dual mask production line was immediately introduced to our partner’s factory and started operation on February 11 after two days and nights of preparation by factory workers. An additional daily capacity of 100,000 masks was realized apart from the capacity of medical protective wear.