The First Day of SUMEC after Restarting Operation

2020-02-11 打印
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On February 10, SUMEC Group Corporation and many of its subsidiaries officially restarted operation.


Before the restart of operation, documents have been issued to guide employees to act as per regulations, with a view to protecting their safety and health and making them start work in an orderly manner.


During the Spring Festival, SUMEC pooled its efforts to procure protective products and organized its subsidiaries to distribute them in a timely manner and store them in the safe place. In addition to that, environmental disinfection was carried out in the building and precautionary measures were taken to lay the foundation for the restart of operation.

1. Carrying Out Temperature Detection Strictly


▲ Employees are required to register and go through temperature detection at the entrance of SUMEC Building. They can enter the building if no abnormality is detected.



▲ Temperature detection and registration are carried out strictly at the entrance of SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd., where there are hand sanitizers available, and where abnormal conditions are recorded in time. Employees must go through temperature detection before they start working.


▲ Temperature detection is performed on every employee at the entrance of SUMEC Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

2. Taking Precautionary Measures in Public Sites


▲ In the SUMEC Building, paper towels are placed at the elevator's entrance and inside the elevator for employees to use in touching the button. The elevator is also handled with 84 disinfectant diluted with heating water three times a day. Employees working on lower floors are recommended not to take the elevator.


▲ The boiling water room is disinfected in advance, and dedicated dustbins are set up for wasted masks.


▲ Hand sanitizers are provided by SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. Employees must wash their hands before they start working.


▲ Germicidal lamps are used by SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. to disinfect each floor of the company every day with a view to ensuring that working environment is properly protected.

3. Strengthening Offline Promotion


▲ In the SUMEC Building, a letter of proposal is placed at the entrance of the canteen to remind each unit of the time of dining and precautionary measures during dining .


▲ Tip: Wash your hands frequently and viruses will be washed away.


▲ In SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd., posters, warning signs and stickers are put up on the walls, and dedicated dustbins are set up for wasted masks.

4. Guaranteeing the Supply of Protective Products


▲ The standard set of protective products provided by SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. for every employee.


▲ SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. and SUMEC Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. have prepared disinfectant products for each employee respectively. All lunches are boxed for delivery, and dedicated dustbins are set up.


▲ SUMEC Instruments Equipment Co., Ltd. has prepared medical masks and various disinfectant and protective products for employees.