The First Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant of Nanjing Put into Trial Operation

2019-09-03 打印
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On the morning of August 29th, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a press conference to announce the construction of the kitchen waste treatment facilities in Nanjing and the future plan, as well as the construction and operation of the Jiangbei Comprehensive Waste Disposal Center. The event was reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Xinhua Daily newspapers and many other state-level, provincial and municipal media groups. At present, Nanjing is accelerating the construction of its kitchen waste treatment facilities in an all-round way, which, by the end of the year, are expected to be capable of processing about 80% of the generated waste, as much as 600 tons of waste per day, and 100% next year.


The first phase of the Jiangbei Comprehensive Waste Disposal Center of Nanjing, undertaken by the SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltdin Jiangsu (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC Complete Company), a subsidiary of SUMEC Group, will initiate its trial operation in the near future. Covering an area of 135 mu (or 90000 square meters), the project has been implemented in two phases with its first phase having been completed to process 100 tons of food residue per day and 200 tons of kitchen waste per day. After the first phase is fully operational, it is expected to process 146,000 tons of food residue, 73,000 tons of kitchen waste and 18,000 tons of waste oils and fats each year.