4 Ships in 29 days! The New Dayang Shipbuilding is Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves.

2019-08-20 打印
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Faced with a vast global shrinkage in shipbuilding orders, the gradual segmentation of market demand for ship subtypes, and the significant drop of bulk and new ship orders on a year-on-year basis, the New Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as New Dayang Shipbuilding), reorganized and established by SUMEC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC), successively delivered four ships in the past 29 days, making new breakthroughs.


The four ships are all of the crown ship type, the knock-out products of the New Dayang Shipbuilding and enjoying a renowned brand reputation among international ship owners. Among them, two are bulk carriers with 63,500 DWT (hereinafter referred to as 63K) and the other two are Crown bulk carriers with 82000 DWT (hereinafter referred to as 82K).

The New Dayang Shipbuilding has an advanced U-shaped production layout, whose dock area is equipped with a three-dimensional general assembly site of 80000 square meters and two 900-ton gantry cranes, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the dock. It is the desirable manufacturing environment and rich manufacturing experience that underpinned the New Dayang Shipbuilding's success in delivering four ships within just 29 days. During the construction, despite the numerous difficulties confronted by New Dayang Shipbuilding namely, the delaying arrival of equipment and materials, numerous defective goods and insufficient manpower, the shipbuilders, always bore their commitment to meet the deadline at the top of their mind, succeeded in delivering the ships on time after their efforts to proactively pool wisdom to make coordinated and reasonable arrangements of work and process in advance. 

The New Dayang Shipbuilding's success in delivering four Crown vessels in a short period of 29 days demonstrates its strength in ship design, production and construction. In 2019, it has successfully delivered 6 ships and intends to deliver 10 ships throughout the year. Going forward, the New Dayang Shipbuilding will continue to strengthen its strict management of construction costs, procurement processes and staff quality, further define product positioning and target customers, and continuously improve its manufacturing capabilities, so as to help SUMEC build a joint fleet that can be both united and independent to win and fight, and provide better products and services to its customers around the world.