SUMEC's First PV Project in Vietnam Delivered in Advance

2019-06-24 打印
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After seven and a half months of hard work by project members, the Cư Jút (Vietnam) 62MWp Photovoltaic Project, which was undertaken by SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltd. (SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering), successfully passed the test of connecting the power station into the power grid in advance as well as the subsequent acceptance review, and was officially put into commercial operation. The project was invested by Central Hydropower Joint Stock Company (EVNCHP), a subsidiary of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN). It was among the first batch of photovoltaic projects in Vietnam to sign the power purchase agreement which sets a unified price and successfully get connected to the power grid.




On November 11, 2018, the SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering team of the Cư Jút (Vietnam) 62MWp Photovoltaic Project officially started on-site construction. Through the rigorous management of construction progress, continuous optimization of the work plan and efficiency improvement for 159 days, it has won the trust and praise of the owner with more than 1,000 design drawings and more than 15,000 acceptance review documents and was delivered in advance with the connection of the power station to the power grid.



“Constructing a project and building a monument” is the motto of SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering. Owing to its construction capability demonstrated in the Cư Jút (Vietnam) 62MWp Photovoltaic Project, SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering and EVN have established mutual trust and signed the contract for a new photovoltaic project: In March, 2019, SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering signed a EPC contract with EVNCPC, a core subsidiary of EVN, for the Cam Ranh 64MWp Photovoltaic Project, which not only served as a contribution to the clean energy supply in Vietnam, but laid a foundation for further promoting the Belt and Road construction.


The successful delivery of the Cư Jút (Vietnam) 62MWp Photovoltaic Project has not only demonstrated SUMEC's unremitting efforts in project construction and management for countries (regions) along the Belt and Road, but also contributed a tiny part to advocating the use of clean energy and protecting the environment of our planet.