Director-General Ni Yuefeng of the General Administration of Customs Visited SUMEC for Investigation

2019-02-26 打印
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On February 25, 2019, a delegation led by Ni Yuefeng, Director-General of the General Administration of Customs, visited SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC) in the company of Hu Hong, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing, and Wu Haiping, Director of Nanjing Customs for a special investigation on the influence of the serial reforms and innovative supervision methods of the customs on enterprises. Yang Yongqing, SUMEC Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Board, and Xin Zhonghua, General Manager Assistant, received this delegation and held a symposium with them.


During the investigation, Chairman of the Board Yang Yongqing briefed the guests on the development of SUMEC in recent years, and with consideration to the real achievements of SUMEC in its import and export businesses, he made a special report on the influence of a series of measures taken by the customs around the theme of “propelling development through reforms” for improving the efficiency of customs clearance, reducing corporate costs and safeguarding corporate rights on enterprises.


In his report, he said: The streamlined procedures of the customs have effectively resolved the pain points and difficulties faced by enterprises.

The merger of the customs and the entry-exit inspection & quarantine system improves the efficiency of customs clearance: For SUMEC which has 8000 import orders every year, the procedures are simplified from the preparation of paper documents for customs declaration followed by the declaration for inspection to the uploading of E-documents for a single declaration, which saves a lot of time and costs.

The integration of customs clearance across the country shortens clearance time: SUMEC can pay taxes independently with more convenient and smooth declaration procedures, and the clearance time for its general trade is shortened from 5-7 days to 0.5-2 days. As a result, the equipment is delivered to the end customers in advance to provide new driving forces for China's economy more quickly.

Innovative supervision model: Implementing a new supervision model for processing trade with one enterprise as a unit. Nanjing Customs has set up a processing trade center in Suzhou to fully implement the use of E-ledgers, reduce on-site procedures and complete verification within one week, which greatly shortens the time of procedures.

At the same time, China Customs continues to protect the high-quality development of enterprises with vigorous management, and SUMEC is one of the many beneficiaries.


The independent brand "FIRMAN" of SUMEC Machinery & Electric is currently registered in 107 countries and regions. At its heyday in 2014, the business volume of the “FIRMAN” generator set export exceeded USD 140 million, accounting for 30% of the market selling similar products in Nigeria.


However, in the following years of its development, there continued to be a series of behaviors including the pirating, copycatting and high-quality counterfeiting of the “FIRMAN” products. In the worst case, there was 1 counterfeit among 3 or 4 generator sets in the core market in Africa, which seriously affected the brand reputation. Furthermore, SUMEC’s efforts to crack down on counterfeit on its own produced little effect.


It didn't get better until 2017 when China Customs launched the "Longteng Action" with the main purpose of protecting independent intellectual property rights. With the strong support and help of Jinling Customs and Nanjing Customs, SUMEC seized counterfeit products at relevant ports while actively launching civil litigation and criminal litigation, which resolved the chaotic situation where the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products were rampant without supervision. Since then, counterfeit products have been greatly reduced in the market. In 2018, the “FIRMAN” generator set export business of SUMEC Machinery & Electric among other businesses was restored to the same level in 2014.