SUMEC Eton Kidd Co-sponsored the 5th China Annual Conference for Education Innovation

2018-11-30 打印
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On November 28, the 5th China Annual Conference for Education Innovation co-sponsored by Dandelion Education Think Tank (DETT) and Jiangsu SUMEC Eton Kidd Brand Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SUMEC Group, was officially opened. More than 3,000 headmasters, teachers and educational researchers from nearly 150 schools gathered together to discuss and share the most cutting-edge educational topics around the theme of “reconstructing schools to be more human-oriented.”


For a long time, SUMEC Eton Kidd has been practicing the brand mission of “promoting the reconstruction of the common educational value” and carrying out many social experiments on “beauty”. The co-sponsored 5th China Annual Conference for Education Innovation is one of the unremitting efforts made by SUMEC Eton Kidd to guide contemporary students to “live towards beauty.” In the future, SUMEC Eton Kidd will promote more social experiments on “beauty” while passing on the good value of the industrial chain of global school uniforms, leading the transformation of the Chinese school uniform industry and spreading more beauty for Chinese students.