The Media Focused on SUMEC on the First Day of the China International Import Expo

2018-11-06 打印
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On November 5, the first China International Import Expo was opened in Shanghai. Many media brought live news about SUMEC to us. Let's take a look~

Nanjing Daily interviewed Yang Yongqing, Chairman of the Board of SUMEC Group, and published a report entitled "700 representative enterprises of Nanjing entered the market for procurement on the first day of the Expo." The excerpts are as follows:

On November 5, the first China International Import Expo was opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center - (NECC) Shanghai. As the world's first national import exposition, it was like a “magnet”, which attracted many enterprises from Nanjing for a visit and procurement. At 6 pm yesterday, the person in charge of the Nanjing trading delegation revealed that there were 2,433 enterprises and institutions registered in Nanjing, with 5,244 exhibitors. However, due to the crowd control, only about 700 procurement representatives from Nanjing entered the market. Faced with top foreign mechanical equipment, novel electronic products, etc., some enterprises from Nanjing rapidly showed an intention of reaching a procurement deal worth more than 50 million yuan mainly in the fields of medical equipment and agricultural products. According to the journalist's interview, in the next few days, a group of enterprises from Nanjing will offer more 100 million yuan plus in "big procurement packages."



On the morning of November 5, Yang Yongqing, Chairman of the Board of SUMEC Group, led a large procurement team to Shanghai. When the journalist saw him in the high-end intelligent equipment exhibition area, he was being greeted by many representatives of foreign high-end equipment manufacturers. The import business is an important segment of SUMEC with an annual import volume of more than USD3 billion, which has maintained the 1st place in Nanjing Customs district for 14 consecutive years. In 2017, SUMEC was ranked 53rd in terms of import scale and 1st in terms of textile machinery import among Chinese enterprises for many years. The equipment of many hospitals and factories has entered into China through the bridge of SUMEC.

Yang Yongqing said that this year marked the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In such a special year, the first Import Expo was not only a further continuation and development of the reform and opening up strategy, but it brought new opportunities for foreign trade companies like SUMEC. During the Expo, SUMEC organized an elite procurement team of more than 80 people to participate in the negotiation for the centralized procurement of high-end intelligent equipment, medical equipment, bulk commodities and service trade respectively.



“SUMEC focuses on products that can help improve production quality and efficiency, as well as improve people's quality of life, such as high-end intelligent equipment and medical equipment. At the same time, the trade of traditional bulk commodities, such as iron ores, is also a focus for SUMEC. These businesses have always been the mainstay for the continuous development of SUMEC." Yang Yongqing said.

The journalist was informed that SUMEC showed an intention of reaching contracts of at least about USD 1.2 billion in total with some foreign suppliers, such as the procurement of chemical fiber production equipment worth USD 757 million from TMT Machinery (Japan) , the procurement of the equipment in the production line for manufacturing prefabricated buildings worth EUR 400 million from EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH (Germany), the procurement of the information platform from Deloitte Consulting LLP, the strategic cooperation framework agreement with DuPont USA, the trade financing services for equipment import from DG Bank AG (Germany).

At the Expo, Yang Yongqing also received a video interview from the Nanjing Broadcasting System (NBS).

Chairman of the Board Yang Yongqing was interviewed