SUMEC Group Held Its 40th Anniversary Conference

2018-10-29 打印
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On October 28, 2018, Jiangsu SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC Group) held its 40th anniversary conference entitled "Never Forget Why We Started and Keep Striving Forward", which recalled the development history of SUMEC Group since its establishment and commended the outstanding contributors.


Yang Yongqing, Chairman of the Board of SUMEC Group, reviewed the history of reform and development during the past 40 years: during the 40 years from 1978 to 2018, great changes has taken place in China, and SUMEC Group has grown up in the same pace with the reform and opening up through the golden years: It has expanded from a trading intermediary to a enterprise group of the modern manufacturing service industry specialized in trade & services, engineering contracting and investment & development, from a domestic company operated in a single business to a big group with 36 branches abroad, from a dealer of low value-added products to a R&D innovator with independent brands —— Step by step, SUMEC people, who not only cherish rosy dreams but make down-to-earth efforts, have written a gorgeous chapter with wisdom and sweat.


In the subsequent award ceremony, Yang Yongqing, Chairman of the Board of SUMEC Group, and Cai Jibo, General Manager of SUMEC Group, issued certificates for the winners of the SUMEC 40th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Awards and the Outstanding Contribution Awards. They made dedications without complaints and kept pursuing. For 40 years, it is generation after generation of outstanding SUMEC contributors who have been overcoming difficulties and moving ahead with indomitable will in their positions that keep pushing SUMEC to new peaks.


During the past 40 years of hardships and struggles for surpassing competitors, SUMEC people have created a succession of brilliant achievements and set a series of examples. Only forty years has passed and it is the right time to strive arduously. At present when it is entering into its 40th year —— such a glorious time, SUMEC is rejuvenated and ready to embark on the journey of sustainable and high-quality development. With an excellent platform, an excellent mechanism and an excellent culture, as well as unswerving beliefs and adequate confidence, SUMEC is committed to being the organizer and integrator of the global industrial chain and creating a "united fleet" that can fight. The tomorrow of SUMEC is definitely worth looking forward to!