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SUMEC Group Corporation Website

Subsidiary Companies Websites

SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd.
SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional Products Websites

Phonosolar New Energy
PowerG Power Tools
CleanForce Cleaning Machines
Proxxima Professional Tools
FIRMAN Power Generating Equipment
Consumer Electronics and Multimedia Products
Auto Accessories
HONEYME women’s wear
ETONKIDD Campus Wearing

E-commerce Websites

Flagship store of ETONKIDD campus wearing at Tmall.com
Flagship store of ETONKIDD Campus Wearing at JD.com
Flagship store of LASVAS women’s wear at Tmall.com
LASVAS women’s wear at JD.com
Flagship store of EASEVER home textiles at Taobao.com
EASEVER home textiles at JD.com
Flagship store of KINGPETS pet products at Tmall.com
KINGPETS pet products at JD.com