SUMEC Awarded with 2018 KA65 Core Customer of COSCO SHIPPING Lines

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Recently, SUMEC Group Corporation won the title of KA65 Core Customer of COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd, ranking the same grade with COFCO, SINOPEC, AIRBUS, IKEA, etc.

As strategic partners, SUMEC Group and COSCO SHIPPING Lines have cooperated in depth on container transportation, logistics, carriage of special cargo, new-energy roof project and other aspects, concluded long-term collaboration agreements in lines of Europe and America and effectively locked in long-term costs; COSCO SHIPPING Lines has undertaken end-to-end transportation of wind power projects of SUMEC Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of SUMEC Group, effectively saving transport time, ensuring the cargo safety, and 90% of foundation construction of the draught fan has been completed at present; economic returns have been created while the energy consumption and discharge have been reduced in launching roof distributed power station.

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