SUMEC Energy Receives Support from the Provincial Enterprise Innovation & Achievement Transformation Fund

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Recently, the R&D and Industrialization of Wet Process Nano Inverted Pyramid Black Silicon Battery and Intelligent Parts project of SUMEC Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (SUMEC Energy) successfully passed the project reviews of the Provincial Enterprise Innovation and Achievement Transformation Fund for 2017 and received a capital support of RMB 9,000,000. 

“Wet process, nano, inverted pyramid, black silicon, intelligent” are a series of complicated words. It can be interpreted into a simpler expression: it is about the improvement of battery performance efficiency, the reduction of manufacturing costs, the R&D and implementation of the intellectualization of parts, and the achievement of industrialization of the above research achievements. The detailed implementation routes are as follows: Integrate black silicon, back passivation technology and other high efficiency battery technologies to achieve great enhancement of the average photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline solar cells at a lower cost after mass production. Meanwhile, corresponding intelligent control technology will be developed to offer intelligent tracking, maintenance and higher system security. This project gives full play to the innovative advantages of the New Energy Research Institute of SINOMACH and well-known universities in China. While promoting the industrialization of advanced technology, it also strengthens the comprehensive application of scientific research achievements and technologies in enterprise platforms to further enhance the integration level of new energy “industry, university and research” in SUMEC Energy. 

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