Win-win Cooperation, Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between SUMEC Group and China XD Group

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In the afternoon of October 10, China XD Group (XD Group) and SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Pei Zhenjiang, the standing committee member of Party committee and general manager of XD Group, and Yang Yongqing, the chairman and the secretary of the Party committee of SUMEC Group, delivered their speeches and witnessed the agreement signing. Yang Baolin, the vice general manager of XD Group, and Zhao Jianguo, the financial director and secretary of the board of directors of SUMEC Group, signed the strategic cooperation agreement. After the ceremony, the chairman Yang Yongqing and his team visited the electric power system, voltage transformer and electric production sites of XD, and further deepened the understanding of XD products and its R&D and manufacturing process. The two parties have also carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on market development, employee training, bidding and equipment procurement and other matters. 

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