SUMEC Attends the World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum

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On September 11, 2017 (local time in the United States), Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC Group”), upon invitation, attended the World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum held in Las Vegas, America and delivered a speech.


The World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum is intended to accelerate and guide the future transition of all countries around the world to sustainable development in energy, transportation and humanity with concerted efforts. The Forum is to create a win-win future for employees, investors, policy makers of the clean-energy industry and the traditional fossil-energy industry.

Cai Jibo, general manager of SUMEC Group, Tom Zhao , general manager of BYD Overseas Solar Energy Sales Department, Fang Peng, CEO of GCL New Energy International Group, and other Chinese entrepreneurs attended the Forum upon invitation.


Cai Jibo said in his opening address that benefiting from unremitting efforts made by the global solar energy industry in technological innovation where Chinese-funded enterprises play a dominant role, LCOE of clean energy has presented sharply decline over the past year, which further boosts demands of the emerging markets including South America, Southeast Asia and Africa for clean energy. It is an overwhelming trend for the global clean energy industry to embark on a fast track. Tom Zhao, who just completed the business trip in Africa, agreed with it totally. He said that as many African countries are equipped with poor basic electricity facilities, over ten times of power failure one day is very common; rigid demand of Africa for energy and substantial reduction of system integration cost create huge market space for PV energy storage system made in china in developing regions.

The three Chinese entrepreneurs said that Chinese-funded solar energy enterprises have made outstanding contributions to the global clean energy business over the past decade both in scale and technology. The three parties will make in-depth discussions on promotion of the clean energy application system with the representative form of “PV + Energy Storage” through cooperation and on the possibility of widespread application of such system around the world. The three Chinese-funded solar energy enterprises will spare no effort to reduce the LCOE of clean energy continuously, and enable extensive application of clean energy by more people and wider regions in a joint way.

As one of the most high-end forums of global solar energy industry, the World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum is to share opportunities, exit and transition strategies among public utilities, oil and gas industry, countries and regions relying on fossil industry by guiding policy makers to exchange key knowledge and experience so as to form strategic partnership and establish new business model. Through the World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum, mainstream media and communities are expected to have greater knowledge of clean energy and environmental protection industry, and general recognition will be finally formed.

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