SUMEC Receives the World’s First International Authentication Certificate for 120V cordless garden machinery

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Recently, the ultrahigh-pressure DC garden tools researched and developed by the global R&D team of SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC Hardware & Tools”), a subsidiary of SUMEC Group, in a collaborative way, represented by 120V DC lawnmower, has passed double authentications of UL and TÜV Rhineland, gaining the “golden key” to enter the international market.


The 120V ultrahigh-pressure DC garden tools awarded the world’s first double authentications of UL & TÜV employ the most advanced technology in the industry of garden tools. The power for 120V ultrahigh-pressure DC platform rivals that of gasoline engine, which is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-noise and user-friendly, representing the future development tendency. Meanwhile, such technological platform is to play an active role in developing other related products and establishing a category with diversified products.

For a long time, SUMEC Hardware & Tools has built a global layout and invested significantly in core technology with regard to technology R&D. SUMEC Hardware & Tools relies on its own National Engineering Research Center to conduct painstaking study and make joint efforts of “multinational teams” in green and energy-saving technologies particularly. With taking the British team as the lead and making coordinated efforts of R&D headquarters in North America and China, SUMEC Hardware & Tools has successfully mastered the application technology of 120V ultrahigh-pressure DC power and filled gaps of many international ultrahigh-pressure DC test and evaluation after unremitting endeavor for two years.

After this awards ceremony, SUMEC Hardware & Tools signed the cooperation agreement with TÜV Rhineland to jointly build the Power Machinery Industry Innovation Center based on its self-owned national innovation platform. Such action lays a new foundation for further cooperation of the two parties in R&D and test, and for the continuous promotion of quality and technological level of power mechanical products.

In future, SUMEC Hardware & Tools will unceasingly accumulate international R&D resources, improve R&D efficiency, hold the technological high ground so as to launch more Made-in-China products of advanced technology and high-added value for the international market and strive to become a leading enterprise at the top of garden tools industry.

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