Ren Hongbin, President of SINOMACH Investigates SUMEC Poverty Relief Project in Huaibin

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On August 23, 2017, Ren Hongbin, President and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of SINOMACH, led Liu Zuqing, chief economic manager, secretary of the primary Party Committee and chairman of the labor union, and Cong Rong, the director of work department of Party Committee to investigate the targeted assistance in Huaibin County, Henan Province, accompanied by persons in charge of the targeted poverty alleviation of over ten member enterprises.


After investigating the assistance of Liuwei Village and placating with poverty-stricken family, the President Ren Hongbin and his party moved to Huaibin Industrial Park to inspect the construction of SUMEC garment project. Subsequently, the President Ren Hongbin attended Boost for SINOMACH Assisting Huaibin County in Poverty Alleviation and presided over SINOMACH Targeted Assistance Symposium.


On the conference, Yang Yongqing, the secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of SUMEC Group made thematic reports on SUMEC’s Poverty Relief Project in Huaibin from the perspective of overall development planning, project progress, efforts to set up the model of poverty relief through industrial development, etc.: SUMEC’s Garment Project in Huaibin, a instantiation project of SINOMACH to carry out poverty relief through industry development and targeted poverty alleviation occupies the construction area of 25000 square meters. The first phase is estimated to start operations after the Spring Festival of 2018 and the second phase will be put into operation in 2020.

In order to lift more than 500 impoverished people out or poverty by registering their information, Huaibin project is projected to reduce the needy family by 500 after the project is fully completed and put into operation in 2020. At present, the annual per capital income of poor family in Huaibin County is below RMB3,026, while the annual income of employees working in Huaibin factory will be over 10 times higher than the former income. Behind an impoverished people is a needy family. SUMEC’s Garment Project in Huaibin will enable many poor families to get rid of poverty completely so that the local can get rich by their own labors. In this case, the expectation emphasized by the President Ren Hongbin that it’s better to teach a man fishing than to give him fish can be really accomplished. SUMEC will actively respond to national call for poverty relief, resolutely implement SINOMACH’s requirements for poverty relief, firmly adhere to the “4*1” idea of poverty relief, i.e. providing a job, cultivating a worker, stabilizing an income and extricating a family from poverty so as to do a good job in the project. With strong commitment to poverty relief, SUMEC is confident and capable of building SUMEC’s Garment Project in Huaibin into a model project of SINOMACH Poverty Relief through Industry Development with great determination.

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