Vision from Children, Eton-Kidd Makes World Prettier

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Children are our future. How to preserve a beautiful world for the future represents what adults need to ponder over and take action on. Nowadays, children have made their efforts with taking active actions for the beautiful environment.

Recently, 2016-2017 Summary Exchange for Waste Reduction Project & Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) News Works Contest Awards Ceremony has been held in Nanjing Fangcaoyuan Primary School. As one of the five environment education projects launched by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) globally, the Project is designed to encourage students, under the guidance of teachers, to conduct research and study on environmental concerns around and intended to publicize relevant environmental information to the public via media.

urrently, 730,000 students from 27 countries around the world have carried out YRE activities in succession, among which near 300,000 students of primary and secondary schools are from China. The work Can You Trash?, winning the international first prize of video in the age group of 11-14, and another work wining the second prize of article are created by students of Fangcaoyuan Primary School. These are the only two works winning the prize in this Contest among Chinese teenagers.

Holding the same original intention with YRE action, SUMEC Eton-Kidd is passing on the educational connotation with the most beautiful uniform and exploring the beauty in campus and education in a natural way. Besides, SUMEC Eton-Kidd is cultivating elegant spiritual disposition of children as they enjoy the beauty of uniform and further inspiring children to create more excellent campus environment and culture.

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