SUMEC Boosts the Official Launch of Standard EMU “Fuxing”

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On June 26, 2017, China Standard Electric Multiple Units (CEMU) named “Fuxing”, which reaches the world-class level, debuted on the Beijing-Shanghai express railway bi-directionally, marking the advent of a new era for China’s railway technical equipment.

The Electric Multiple Units (EMU) “Fuxing” is developed by a core R&D team consisting of 20 units over three years with completely independent intellectual property. The train boasts a trial speed of 400km/h and a consistent speed of 350km/h. In future, large-scale production and operation of CEMU will be launched as per such standard. Meanwhile, “Fuxing” also represents the main train model for China High-speed Railway (CHSR) to go global.

Someone may ask: “what does the service of the high-speed train “Fuxing” have to do with SUMEC?” Actually, behind the successful operation of every high-speed train lie efforts of SUMEC’s staff.
As the main force of the advanced manufacturing sector for rail transit subordinate to SUMEC Group, Nanjing Jinzhengqi Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bogie components in rail transit and also the leading supplier of bogie forging components for domestic passenger trains. Its whole series of products pass certification of CRCC and are widely used in way train, high-speed train, bullet train and urban rail vehicle.
So what is “bogie”? Never underestimate such seemingly small part. It is a component of core technology for railway vehicle, which is equivalent to “feet” of a train and has the direct bearing on speed, safety and comfort of train.
To adapt to the operation circumstances and conditions of China High-speed Railway (CHSR), design a high-speed EMU suitable to situation and road condition of China and realize the full technology independence of high-speed EMU, Nanjing Jinzhengqi Company has been engaged in full participation in design, manufacturing, trial assembly and test for the successful launch and operation of CEMU when supplying forging components of 28 categories of passenger car bogie to standard EMU “Fuxing”.
As a brand new “Chinese Card”, high-speed train carries dreams of millions of people. Nanjing Jinzhengqi Company is making its own contributions to the advance of China High-speed Railway (CHSR).

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