[SUMEC New Observation] Strategy First for Development

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Machinery and Electric Industrial Park of SUMEC Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd. situated in Luhe Modern District, Nanjing has been officially put into use recently. With an area of about 200 mu (a unit of area, 1 mu=0.0667 hectares), the base is an industry-leading industrial base of full-type spectrum sets in China, mainly designed for R&D and manufacturing of multi-power-segment power generating equipment. It also marks the new beginning of SUMEC Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd. to strategically implement specialized operation and initiate the transformation and upgrading of China’s generating set sector.

FIRMAN Portable Generating Set ranks top 1 among the similar products in China in terms of export volume for eight consecutive years;

Aluminum alloy wheel hub ranks top 20 among the same industry in terms of export volume;
Export of optical fiber and cable develops from scratch, expected to achieve substantial breakthrough during the “13th Five-year Plan”;
Strategic mergers and acquisitions have been launched at home and abroad simultaneously. The company purchased Europe’s top-level car hinge system supplier, obtaining the qualification as the first-tier supplier of Benz and BMW; purchased the supporting supplier of Geely automobile wheel hub, striving to dominate the OE market.
Dealing with business from single power generating equipment to auto spare parts, and then to optical fiber and cable successfully; from featuring in single brand of FIRMAN to implementing multi-brand strategy for different market segments; from focusing on “Trade” operation to integrated engagement in “Trade, Industry, Technique and Finance”, rapid growth of SUMEC Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd. has gradually revealed the effect of the company’s strategic considerations.
As various businesses continuously develop, with quality and efficiency improved, profit, scale and net asset return increased, SUMEC Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd., by taking the initiative of strategy first for development, is bound to make new contributions to developing SUMEC Group into a world first-class modern manufacturing service enterprise group and a listed company highly respected by the investors.

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