SUMEC Marine Names and Delivers Two Bulk Cargo Ships of 63500DWT

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On May 19, two bright and neat bulk cargo ships of Crown 63 Type with volume of 63500 tons silently docked at the crowed and bustling No. 3 wharf in the plant of Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., waiting for sailing into the vast ocean.

The ceremony started formally on ten o’clock. Yang Yongqing, the chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of SUMEC Group, Jin Yongchuan, the vice president of SUMEC Group and chairman of Marine Company, Tian Ming, the director of SUMEC Group, Jiang Qiong, the general counsel of SUMEC Group, Xu Gang, the general manager of Marine Company, and guests from local competent departments, from its partners Topsheen Shipping Group Co., Ltd and Cargill Shipping attended the ceremony for naming and delivering ships together.

During the speech session, guests present at the meeting reviewed the previous projects as well as placed great expectations on the long-term cooperation among all parties. Jin Yongchuan, the vice president of SUMEC Group and chairman of Marine Company indicated that in the face of this round of trough in global shipbuilding shipping and unprecedented difficulties, SUMEC staff has all along made efforts second to none with strong confidence, pooled the wisdom and efforts of everyone, and struggled courageously with substantial support of all partners, eventually completing the construction and delivery of two ships. It took only 60 days from launching the ships to conducting the trial voyage and the ships reached a perfect state for delivery within two weeks after the trial voyage. Such shipbuilding speed and quality gave full expression to the excellent capability of Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in production and management and to the powerful ability of SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. in project coordination. That also, at the same time, created a new business pattern and initiated the cooperation with Cargill Shipping, a world-leading enterprise, which is expected to promise a good start. SUMEC will win trust from all partnerships for further long-term and in-depth cooperation by virtue of good faith and capacity.

During the naming session, Jiang Qiong, the general counsel of SUMEC Group and Ding Hui, the CFO of Topsheen Shipping Group Co., Ltd named the two ships as “Dayang Confidence” and “Yangzhou Confidence” respectively, implying both the firm confidence of all parties and good wishes. The chairman Yang Yongqing, along with related leaders of the local competent departments and Jiangsu Branch of The Export-Import Bank of China and Yang Lei, the general manager of Cargill Shipping Greater China added the finishing touch to the eyes of the handmade lion model for lion dance (a Chinese auspicious ritual) together for benediction. After that, the guests, welcomed by crowds lining the streets, boarded the ship for inspection.

Accompanied by majestic steam-whistle, two large ships set out from the wharf slowly into the river, also the broader future. Looking out at the receding figure of the ships in the river, Yang Lei, the general manager of Cargill Shipping said that cooperation shall always be conducted for mutual benefits; it was the mutual benefits gained by all partnerships in this project that enabled the satisfactory delivery; in the sluggish market, only enterprises with complementary advantages can achieve greater results and be more capable of overcoming difficulties through active collaboration; gloomy shipping and market for shipbuilding has entered into the ninth year with fluctuations; nevertheless, we should convince ourselves that as shipping and shipbuilding represent the key links of the world economy, those who take persistent steps in making positive preparation and enhancing internal strength will finally usher in the recovery of market jointly.

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