SUMEC Participates in Ethiopian Prime Minister Meeting

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On May 12, 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping met Hailemariam, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, who came to China for attending Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, in Great Hall of the People. President Xi Jinping said that Sino-Ethiopian cooperation has been at the forefront of Sino-African cooperation with concerted efforts of China and Ethiopia. The two parties will focus on establishing cooperation projects in connectivity and capacity by pooling their competitive resources as a way to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation in economy and trade in a safe, orderly and effective manner.


In accordance with the Second Growth and Transformation (Five-year) Plan (GTP II) of Ethiopia, manufacturing industry and infrastructure construction represent the priority in future development. Ethiopian Government expects Chinese companies engaged in textile, garment, leather, home building materials, equipment manufacturing, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and other sectors to find home in the park. This also means a most desirable opportunity for Chinese enterprises.

On May 13, 2017, at the invitation of the Ethiopian Government, four Jiangsu enterprises including SUMEC Group attended the Prime Minister Meeting where Hailemariam, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, interviewed enterprises representatives and held a discussion. Cai Jibo, the president of SUMEC Group, was present at the Meeting, and briefly introduced current situation of SUMEC Group to Prime Minister Hailemariam as well as elaborated schemes about cooperation in economy and trade between SUMEC Group and Ethiopia in terms of textile and garment investment, agricultural technology cooperation and new energy projects.

Prime Minister Hailemariam said that in the interview with President Xi Jinping held on the previous day, President Xi Jinping proposed to promote Sino-Ethiopian ties to “a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation”, which made Ethiopia the first country in Africa establishing such relationship with China and pushes Sino-Ethiopian cooperation to a new level. As for SUMEC’s intention to launch investment cooperation in Ethiopia the Prime Minister expressed that full support from him and departments of Ethiopia would be granted; Ethiopia looks forward to conducting cooperation with SUMEC Group, a large state-owned enterprise, in projects such as wind energy, solar energy, agricultural modernization and manufacturing industry so as to advance energy, manufacturing and agriculture in Ethiopia to be more modernized. Subsequently, president Cai held a one-on-one meeting with Ahmed Abou, the Minister of Ministry of Industry of Ethiopia, making exchanges on issues of common concerns such as trade conditions, off-grid power supply and construction of industrial parks in Ethiopia. As Minister Ahmed Abou said, textile and garment and energy sectors are of major support, so SUMEC trip for investment is warmly welcomed with various necessary support and cooperation to be offered on the occasion.

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