Wearing Eaton’s Uniform ◆ Representing on Worship Ceremony ◆ Singing the Ode to Emperor Huang

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In the morning of March 30th, the Grand Worship Ceremony to Emperor Huang was held in Xinzhen City. More than 8,000 distuiguished guests of overseas Chinese from more than 40 countries and regions in the world, big names from cultural and art fields, Olympic champions and national moral models particiapted the grand ceremony for the bliss of national solidarity & harmony and a more prosprous motherland. 


The children in Sumeida’s Eaton Kidd uniforms are singing loudly the Ode to the Emperor Huang. The elegant uniforms and the holy singing  are full of grateful emtions and all the people are immersing in the great exclaimations and admirations to our glorious ancesters for their tremendously prominent and remarkable acheievements. 

As the supplier of the No.1 brand in China’s school uniform market, Eaton Kidd has provided the desgining and manufacturing of the students’ uniforms for the Grand Ceremony to Emperor Huang. It matches perfectly with its brand mission of “Leading the innovation of China’s campus uniform, to push-forward of rebuliding on common education value”, to students’sensibility and pursuit of beauty through influences & cultivations, and to the remolding of Chinese students’ethos.  

As of early 2017, Eaton Kidd, as a brand under world Top 500 Jiangsu Sumec Group, has offered campus uniform solutions to more than 3,000 renowned schools among 30 provinces and regions in the whole country, lighting up youth and hope through most beautiful school uniforms.     

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