Sumec Energy’s Black Silicon Module Honored Jianheng “Leader”Advanced Technology Certification

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Phono Solar, the photovoltaic module brand under Sumec Energy, recently honored Jianheng “Leader” Advanced Technology Certification for its module products and technology of polycrystalline black silicon cell by diamond wire cut wet process, with the 3A+ rating.


It’s introduced that Phono Solar’s participation for the certification of wet-processed black silicon technology, has not only paved the way for grand promotion of dimond wire cutting in the polycrystalline slice field, but to enhance efficiency of other battary sheets’ integrated with wet processed black silicon technology. The combination of two technologies upgrading efficiency of battary sheets on just one sheet has led to an“1+1 equals to more than 2”result which is beyond regular multi-crystal cashmere technology.  Therefore, it enjoys a much broader market prospect.

During the process of certification, Phono Solar’s polycrystalline black silicon cell by diamond wire cut wet process and its module products performed excellently that is has not only surpassed technological requirements of photovoltaic module by Leader’s planning, but has received A+ standard on three key qualifications on battary conversion efficiency, component conversion efficiency and quality stability. This is the top level of the industry! 

Sumec Energy has always committed in reducing cost of electricity. The certificate of “Jianheng Leader”represents a key break-through in mass production process upon polycrystalline black silicon cell. While reducing the cost of battary, it considerably upliftes battary conversion  effciency to maintain advantage of lower cost which will finally embody in cost advantage of lower electricity. Sumeida’s innovation in energy technology field will surely offer endless motive force for better and faster development of the industry.

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