Transformation Grid Project of SUMEC Complete Formally Starts Construction

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Recently, OMVG and Guinean government jointly held the commencement ceremony of the Four-country Cross-border 1677-kilometer Power Transmission and Transformation Grid Project (hereafter referred to as “Four-country Cross-border Power Transmission and Transformation Grid Project”). This project passes through Senegal, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Gambia, including 15 transformer substations with the estimated construction period of 18 months, which is financially supported by OMVG, the International Development Association subordinate to the World Bank, African Development Bank and other banking financial institutions.

As the constructor of Linsan-Kaleta-Boke project of Four-country Cross-border Power Transmission and Transformation Grid in Guinea, the union, formed by SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SUMEC Complete) and Xi’an Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (China XD), is the only Chinese bidder to win the bidding. Such project is also the first cooperation conducted in West Africa power transmission and transformation project between SUMEC Complete and China XD.

For a long time, SUMEC Complete has provided clients with full services including project consulting, accommodation of funds, engineering design, complete equipment supply, construction and operations management based on the international and domestic markets. Its business has reached dozens of countries and regions globally. Besides, the company has rich experience in aspects such as various environmental engineering, energy engineering, chemical engineering, factory construction and infrastructure construction.

The completion of Four-country Cross-border Power Transmission and Transformation Grid Project will provide stable supply of residential and industrial power to African Gambia river basin where the power supply is deficient, effectively improving the power utilization environment as well as offering assistance to the promotion of the local economic and social development.

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