With Seven Vessels Delivered on the Lantern Festival, SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. Has Got Off to a Flying Start

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SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. has delivered seven vessels in the first month in 2017, achieving a record high in terms of monthly ship delivery, and realizing a good start in the New Year.

Looking back to the past 2016, facing the market crisis, we have made concerted efforts with the shipowners and partners to work on the order, rush to deliver the ship, strengthen the management and promote the implementation, successfully delivering 15 vessels in the whole year. Looking to 2017, a brand new SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. with strategies of “linking the whole industrial chain, improving the independent building capacity, and strengthening shipping management and financial operation”, integrating ship building, trade financing and shipping logistics, is setting sail for a promising future.

Two 208000-ton bulk carriers built for Germany shipowner


Two 64000-ton bulk carriers built for shipowner in the Middle East


One 63500-ton bulk carrier built for Greek shipowner


Two 38800-ton bulk carriers built for Netherlandish shipowner

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