SUMEC Marine Completes Annual Task, Delivering 14 Vessels

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On December 5, 2016, the liquefied natural gas carrier with volume of 27500 cubic meters built by SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered, achieving delivery of 14 outbound vessels throughout the year and accomplishing the annual plan of vessel delivery.


The liquefied natural gas carrier with volume of 27500 cubic meters delivered this time was customized by Danish shipowner, an internationally recognized ship form with high technology, high difficulty and high added-value. This vessel adopts double-engine single-propeller propulsion system set up by dual fuel engine and adjustable pitch propeller, is equipped with ballast water treatment system and has advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection and desirable controllability. The hold consists of 3 large C-Type dual-tanks with liquid cargo control system, which is capable of transporting multiple petrochemical gas including LNG, LEG, and LPG. It is honored as the best handy-size and multipurpose liquefied gas carrier by foreign media, rated as “super freezer car at sea” and “pearl on the crown” of the world shipbuilding.


Confronted with the dual challenges from strict technological standard and highly difficult requirements on project operation, SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. actively makes concerted efforts with relevant parties to discuss the solution so as to guarantee the continuous fulfillment of the pending orders according to the contract on one hand; and to optimize purchase plan, ensure on-time entry of equipment and materials, strictly check the quality, reduce rework, fully communicate with the shipowner and financier while guaranteeing the shipbuilding schedule with experience in ship building and management for over 20 years and focusing on the building plan, which has effectively ensured the successful delivery of the vessel and been highly appraised by the shipowner and financier.

On December 8, another good news came from SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd.: the naming ceremony for the 208000 DWT bulk cargo ship of German shipowner was held smoothly. The vice president of Sinomach Finance Co., Ltd., Li Zhijun, the vice president of Beijing Haidian Sub-branch of Bank of China, Li Feihu et al., accompanied by the general manager of SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd., Xu Gang, attended the naming ceremony of the vessel. This ceremony also marked that SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. has entered into the construction cycle of 2017 in advance.

In the future, staff of SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. will strive to promote the optimization and transformation of the business structure, proactively cultivate and develop new core competence system integrating ship design, construction, supervision, business and financing while attaching great importance to project implementation in order to enhance the further development of ship business.

It will take some time for the international vessel market to recover, but stormy sea calls forth the hero. Staff of SUMEC Marine Co., Ltd. will join hands with industrial partners to pull together in times of trouble, make efforts second to none and keep forging ahead courageously.

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