SUMEC Ranking Among Top 100 of General Trade Import and Export Enterprises in the First Half of 2016

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Recently, the Customs authority officially released the Top 100 of General Trade Import Enterprises in the First Half of 2016 and Top 100 of General Trade Export Enterprises in First Half of 2016, among which two subsidiaries of SUMEC Group are on the lists with SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. ranking 48th among Top 100 of the import enterprises, 57th among Top 100 of the export enterprises while SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. ascending to 73rd among Top 100 of the export enterprises.

In the first half of 2016, the operation revenue of SUMEC Group has increased by 11.6% year on year with the total export growing by 31% and the total import 12.6% compared with those in the same period of the previous year, achieving half of its annual targets. Despite the mounting downward pressures on import and export of the whole country as well as of Jiangsu Province, the Group’s total volume of import and export remains the first place among Key Contact Enterprises of Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, continuing to outperform the momentum of the industry and market.

Throughout operation in the first half of this year, trade and service sectors in SUMEC have maintained the momentum of steady growth. Traditional major markets in Europe and America boast a significant increase, with the growth of 28% and 44% respectively; major products including steels and powerboats see stable growth in export, and top 10 of the Group’s export products has enjoyed a year-on-year increase of 42%; electromechanical equipment and bulk commodities have had a steady growth in import, and products of two categories have increased by 5% and 58% severally; overseas platforms have initially taken effect as the driving force, with import and export driven by the Group’s overseas platforms totaling 374 million US dollars. Operation revenue of engineering contracting sector has reached the year-on-year growth of 34% as the business scale increasing significantly.

In the latter half of 2016, SUMEC Group is going to carry forward the “Danling Spirit”, namely, fearlessness of hardship, practical action and striving for victory under the guide of “growing with high quality” and with improving quality, enhancing effect and upgrading as the mainstream so as to perfect, strengthen and refine its main business and dominant business, forging the ballast for its development; besides, the Group will implement forcefully the two engines with the industry plus investment to invigorate the inventory, exploit the increment as well as create large amount; additionally, the Group will further pursue the pattern of diversified development and specialized operation, advance the layout of “6 + N”, commit itself to establishing an excellent enterprise, build a “combined fleet”, strive to become one of the best in various business areas, accomplish the leadership in the industry and market, consequently achieving a better and faster development for the Group.

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