SUMEC Listed on the "2015 Golden Bee CSR China Honor Roll"

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Recently, the Eleventh China International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility and the 2015 Golden Bee CSR China Honor Roll were concluded in Beijing. SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC Textile) of SUMEC stood out from the many outstanding enterprises, and won the "Golden Bee Growing-Type Enterprise Awards". At the same time there was the list of Starbucks, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, Tencent, Didi Chuxing and other famous enterprises.


The current selection totally set up two comprehensive awards and seven individual awards, and SUMEC Textile was finally rated the comprehensive award due to its excellent operation performance, rich cultural atmosphere and highlighted merits of the cases.

In recent years, SUMEC Textile, taking "to help employees to succeed and to assume social responsibility" as its core mission, actively carried out activities that aimed at stakeholders to promote cultural development and assume social responsibilities and successively launched a series of public activities such as Donghua University SUMEC scholarship and grants, economically-disadvantaged workers’ children college entrance examination reward fund and the program of promoting rural children philosophy reading. The program of promoting philosophy reading among rural children- “Story Field”- selected in “2015 Golden Bee Responsibility Competitiveness Case Set” was carried out by the school uniform brand Eton Kidd in coordination with public institutions such as the 21st Century Education Research Institute and Wardrobe of Love. It takes the children philosophy fairy tale picture book series, “Cool Thinking Bear”, one of the national 12th Five-Year key publishing project, as the carrier, “uses children's logical to enlighten philosophy”, opens and enriches the rural children’s world of value and spirit, and lets the children listen to stories, tell stories, love thinking and be able to take actions. At present, the project has been carried out in 1,000 small remote township schools, and has donated more than 20,000 children’s philosophy picture books. This activity changed the previous law-abiding classroom teaching, and taught through lively activities, letting nearly more than 40,000 impoverished mountainous area rural primary school children learn more knowledge in pleasant reading and improve their independent thinking ability, and achieving good social benefits. Meanwhile, SUMEC Textile endeavored to create a cultural atmosphere of "caring staff" internal within the enterprise and continuously inspired the potential of talents, which effectively promoted the company's economic growth. During the 12th Five-Year, SUMEC textile achieved an annual average performance growth rate of 25%.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CCP, said: "Only caring wealth is truly meaningful wealth, and only enterprises that actively assume social responsibility are the most competitive and viable." We believe that with the paces of SUMEC Textile taking its social responsibilities being accelerated, better internal and external environments will be created for sustainable development of the enterprise, thus creating greater value for employees, shareholders and the society.

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