China XD Group Directly Under SASAC Visits SUMEC

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Recently, upon recommendation of SASAC and relevant departments of SINOMACH, Wang Tiyu, Director of the Investment Department of China XD Group directly under SASAC (the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) (hereinafter referred to as XD Group), along with others, paid a visit to the headquarters and the new energy industry base of SUMEC. Relevant SUMEC staff attended the exchange. 


During the visit, XD Group exchanged their views with SUMEC mainly over the business development of SUMEC in the field of new energy, especially the investment management and decision-making procedure of PV power plant projects. SUMEC staff overviewed SUMEC and its future strategic positioning and measures and interpreted SUMEC"s comprehensive energy solutions where SUMEC, facing the international and domestic markets, based on key equipment supply and general project contracting, supported by operation with investment and financing, provides PV project design, construction and operation as well as financial plans to its international clients with the aid of a large overall EPC contracting system with integrated modern resources combining development, design, construction, management, operation, investment and financing together. SUMEC staff also introduced to XD Group the key points of internal control management and investment risk management in PV projects, 4-grade investment control system of SUMEC, investment approval procedures as well as the selection, initiation and review system of new energy projects.     

With the development and status quo of new energy business of SUMEC learnt, XD Group spoke highly of the professional level displayed by SUMEC in controlling the new energy projects. In the future, XD Group will step into new energy industry. Currently, the new energy business development plan is under formulation and the subordinated new energy companies are working. It is believed that there will be a board space for the cooperation between XD Group and SUMEC in new energy projects in future business development.  

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