SUMEC Energy Will Undertake “Asian Countries’ Seminar for Small Hydro-power and Rural Electrification Officials”

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Recently, entrusted by Ministry of Commerce, SUMEC Energy has undertaken “Asian Countries’ Seminar for Small Hydro-power and Rural Electrification Officials” which was organized by HRC, with 24 officials attending the training.

These officials came from Afghan, Palestine, Georgia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Laos and some other countries, and most of them were officials or technical staffs in small hydro-power and rural electrification. During the course of the seminar, the technical and engineering experts in System Integration Department from SUMEC Swiss Company as well as SUMEC Energy Construction Co., Ltd. respectively introduced geothermal technology, ground/rooftop large-capacity power system, off-grid system and some other specialized knowledge. Meanwhile, the officials visited SUMEC Huilun component manufacturing factory, Research and Development Center, as well as rooftop solar power station. They were all impressed by the advanced and efficient productivity as well as the strict and professional testing system, especially the full utilization of rooftop solar power station to produce electricity automatically. 

Most of these officials came from the energy department in undeveloped and disadvantaged Asian countries where lack of electricity is very common. Therefore, many of the officials attended this seminar in order to know more about some new clean energy resources, such as solar energy and wind energy. They hoped to learn more about the technology and application of the new energy as well as the traditional energy, such as thermal power and hydro power. In the course of the seminar, these officials were interested in the case introduced by the expert of SUMEC about the first photovoltaic power station of megawatt grade in Pakistan, which was built with lump-sum contracting mode and successfully grid-connected. The expert gave a detailed introduction of the process of the station’s developing, building, operation and maintenance, as well as the work in business, technology, and the project localization from the perspective of the life cycle of photovoltaic station. At last the officials had heated discussions in terms of financing, efficiency, later operation and maintenance and they hoped to have cooperation with SUMEC Energy in business and technology. They hoped to introduce the green, environmentally friendly and efficient energy technology into their countries in order to solve the lack of electricity so as to improve the investment environment as well as energy infrastructure. 

At present, SUMEC Group now is taking the opportunity of national strategy “The Belt and Road” to promote the new energy construction along “The Road”. Many overseas photovoltaic engineering have been developed in the market of Thailand, Indonesia and etc. To undertake this seminar can not only provide a platform to expand communication, but also open a new space for SUMEC to develop more international cooperation. 

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