Highest Autocross Classic Assisted by SUMEC Energy, Green Power in the Camping Group for the First Time

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On May 10, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of "Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake, China" and "Infinite Love in Limited Space" Public-benefit Activity was officially launched in Beijing. Wan Heping, Deputy Director of the Motor Center of the State General Administration of Sport and Vice Chairman of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China, Zhang Wenkui, secretary of the party committee of Qinghai Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Ye Wanbin, director of the publicity department and deputy governor of Hainan Prefecture and Cai Jibo, President of SUMEC were presented.  


200 racing drivers including over 80 international top drivers from all over the world will take part in “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake, China”, which is the highest international autocross contest by far. The racers will display their driving skills and intelligence in the 7-day contest. 


It is said that Qinghai Provincial Administration of Sports, Qinghai Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Automobile and Motor Administration Center of the State General Administration of Sport and the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China, with SUMEC as a co-organizer, host this “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake” jointly.

According to the agenda, before the contest, the path checking motorcade of the contest will start a 7-day path checking trip on May 24 in the source area of the Yellow river, the northern source area of Yangtze River, Hoh Xil and the protected source region of the three rivers, driving about 2,200km. While learning the culture, religion and customs of the Tibetan people, the racers will lay the foundation for the success of the “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake”, which will be launched officially on August 25.

At the Opening Ceremony, Ye Wanbin, director of the publicity department and deputy governor of Hainan Prefecture spoke first: "Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is one of the ten largest Tibetan autonomous prefectures in China. “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake” is another contest held here that will draw national attention. We believe that through our joint effort, the contest will link and facilitate the joint development of sports, culture and tourism in the prefecture, concentrate the development of green industries in the prefecture and the source region of the three rivers. Develop tourism through contest, and spread culture through tourism. We will cherish attention and care to Hainan Prefecture from all circles, seize tightly the opportunities to integrate and develop culture, sports and tourism here, strive for success of the contest and turn it into a branch contest which will improve the publicity and image of Hainan Prefecture."


Cai Jibo, President of SUMEC pointed out that "in the last four years, with the trust and support of Jiangsu Provincial Government, SUMEC gave full display of its advantages, providing almost 3,500 sets of photo-voltaic off-grid energy storage system for the herdsmen in Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The clean and constant power supply for 3,500 households of herdsmen who move along with grass helps the establishment of the deep friendship between SUMEC and Qinghai. Thus we did not hesitate to join in the international sports event when we learned that “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake” would be held in Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province."

SUMEC, as an international leading supplier of high-efficiency and clean energy systems and green power, devotes itself to the application and development of green energy, which is represented by solar photo-voltaic power. Thus, in the contest, SUMEC will offer photovoltaic energy storage system to the camping area, which will provide constant green and clean power supply all day long. It is said that the photo-voltaic energy storage system can transform luminous energy into power and put such power in the storage battery for release at night. Meanwhile, SUMEC power tool section will provide efficient cleaning devices exclusively for highlands in the contest to clean the racing motors and the camp. Different from ordinary cleaning devices, the cleaning devices not only run efficiently in oxygen-poor and oxygen-deficit areas, but also consume little fuel and emit little. Therefore, the environment of Hainan Prefecture will be protected to the largest extent with the contest services guaranteed. 

At last, Cai delivered his hope, "We believe that with the support of SUMEC, “Highland Autocross Classic, Qinghai Lake, China” will be the most environment-friendly contest in China in addition to the one held in the highest land in China."

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