SUMEC Group's First Plant in Midwest --- SUMEC (Henan) Garment Technology Development Co., Ltd. Opens Up

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SUMEC (Henan) Garment Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC (Henan) Garment) opened up in Yongcheng, Henan on May 6, 2016. This is the first self-owned factory of SUMEC in the Midwest, and also the 10th factory of SUMEC Textile & Light Industry. 


Shangqiu Municipal Committee Secretary, Yongcheng Municipal Committee Secretary, Mr. Ma Fuguo,, and leaders from Yongcheng Government and Administrative Committee of Yongcheng industry cluster zone; Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of SUMEC Group, Chairman of Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Yongqing, SUMEC Group Assistant President Mr. Xin Zhonghua, the company leadership, and relevant department heads attended the opening ceremony.



SUMEC (Henan) Garment is located in Yongcheng City, the junction of Henan, Anhui , Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. SUMEC (Henan) Garment is SUMEC first project in the Midwest, representing the successful commencement of SUMEC Textile and Light Industry"s strategy of “reaching the Midwest,". The first phase of the project was put in operation in February 2016. Its’ total annual production of various types of clothing is expected to be 4,000,000 sets, employment to be nearly 2000 posts, and the output value to be about 500 million yuan. In the future, SUMEC textile company will strive to develop "SUMEC (Henan) Garment" into a center in manufacturing, R&D, and quality control and regional collaboration. It will also develop Yongcheng plant as the core for industrial cooperation, and strive to build a "SUMEC (Henan) Garment" as the core of the industry cluster. SUMEC (Henan) Garment will become the high-end manufacturer in Ying City.

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