SINOMACH Chairman Ren Hongbin Visits SUMEC (Henan) Garment Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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On May 5, 2016, ahead of opening up of SUMEC (Henan) Garment Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“SUMEC (Henan) Garment”), Mr. Ren Hongbin, Chairman of SINOMACH, accompanied by Mr. Ma Jian, Chairman of SUMEC Group, Mr. Cai Jibo, President, Mr. Xin Zhonghua, Assistant President, visited Henan and listened to updates from Chairman of SUMEC Group, Vice Chairman, Chairman of Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Yongqing and his team.  


SUMEC (Henan) Garment Technology Development Co., Ltd., the 10th self-owned industrial corporation invested by SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd, located at industry cluster zone of Yongcheng City, Henan Province, is an important step for SUMEC Group’s strategy of "allocating global resources, promoting industrial upgrading and industrial transfer”. The company focuses on high-end apparel, the first phase of which was put into production in February 2016.  And when the second phase is put into operation, annual production of various types of clothing is expected to be 4,000,000 sets, employment to be nearly 2000 posts, and output value to be about 500 million yuan.



Chairman Ren Hongbin focused on the visit of SUMEC (c) Garment’s phase one sewing workshop and finishing workshop. He listened to the reports on target market, plant construction, equipment investment, labor recruitment, modular production and future development plans by the responsible persons. 
After the site visit, Mr. Yang Yongqing, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of SUMEC Group, Chairman of Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd., delivered a comprehensive report to Chairman Ren Hongbin, on the firm’s recent development, "Thirteen Five" development goals and strategic thinking of SUMEC Textile & Light Industry. Textile & Light Co., Ltd. witnessed a rapid development from scratch since its establishment twenty years ago. Particularly, during the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the main business income, export scale, and profit rate reached 20% and above in compound annual growth rate. In 2015, Textile & Light Co., Ltd.'s export scale and profits accounts for 30% and 26% in SUMEC Group, respectively. Exports volume exceeded USD 700 million, becoming one of the TOP 10 among more than 90,000 textile and garment export enterprises. At the same time, industry influence is also expanding. It was elected as the chairman unit of the clothing branch, following the title of vice president of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce. In construction of self-own brand, " Eton Kidd" teenagers' uniforms brand has developed into the top of the national market segment brand. During the "Thirteen Five" plan, Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. will focus on the " transformation, upgrading, and transfer" and “going abroad, reaching the Midwest, and going up the steps" development strategy, and focus to create "a small front-end, big platform" ecological organization, continue to create favorable working atmosphere with outstanding company culture to, build advantage in dislocation competition, and strive to achieve the "tens of billions textile", "two double" strategic objectives.
Mr. Yang Yongqing said: As long as we uphold the "spirit of Danleng ", root in hard work, open-mindedness and gratitude, rely on the excellent platform for SINOMACH and SUMEC Group, harness the strength of team cohesion, utilize collective wisdom, and pay as much as any effort, SUMEC Textile & Light Industry will certainly be able to achieve SUMEC "hundreds of billions Group", "a new SINOMACH overseas,” and make greater contribution in building SINOMACH world-class enterprises with the innovative capacity and international competitiveness!
In the end of the report, SUMEC Group Chairman Mr. Ma Jian, President Cai Jibo extended the appreciation for the strong support from SINOMACH to SUMEC’s "industrial + capital " wheel-driven strategy, and said that SUMEC would cultivate existing industries in quality and efficiency, accelerate the pace of capital operation, and actively carry out domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, to contribute to SINOMACH in achieving the grand goal of 500 billion revenue in 2020.
After hearing the report, Chairman Ren Hongbin said: textile and garment sector, like SINOMACH’s other outstanding industry sectors, is part of the proud wealth of the SINOMACH. I was very excited visiting SUMEC (Henan) Garment. It was my first time to have an in-depth understanding of the apparel industry. The 3D version of the garment manufacturers subverted my previous impression of the apparel industry. SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. is the only textile and garment enterprise in SINOMACH. It is hard to rank among the China's top ten textile and garment enterprises and the top of exporters to the EU market but SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. achieved it. I'd like to thumb up for SUMEC Textile & Light Industry on behalf of SINOMACH.
Accompanying personnel includes Mr. Zhou Xiangdong, Deputy Secretary of Province-Managing-County committee of Henan Province, Executive Deputy Director of Province-Managing-County Office; Mr. Ma Fuguo, Standing Committee Member of Shangqiu Municipal Committee, Yongcheng Municipal Party Secretary; Mr. Huang Guofu, Chairman of the Sixth Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute; Mr. Li Shujun, Head of Strategy Planning Department of SINOMACH, Li Xiaoyu, Director of Capital Operation Department, Xu Gang, Director of the Secretariat of General Office. 

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