SUMEC Cooperates with FiberHome in Global Big Data Field of Optical Communication

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Recently, SUMEC Group Corporation (referred to as SUMEC Group) and Wuhan FiberHome Technologies Group (referred to as FiberHome) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the establishment of SUMEC Wasin Communications Co., Ltd., a joint venture  of Jiangsu SUMEC Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Ltd.. The signing of the agreement marks that SUMEC has officially entered the global big data field of optical communication. Mr. Peng Yuanpu, SUMEC’s Vice President and Chairman of the SUMEC Machinery & Electric Company, and Mr. Guo Yajin, Chairman of Wasin Fujikura’s, signed the agreement under the witness of Mr. Cai Jibo, President of SUMEC Group, and Mr. Wang Yanliang, Vice President of FiberHome. 


As an important member of SINOMACH which is among the world top 500 enterprises, SUMEC Group was founded in 1978. Since then, SUMEC Group has grown into an  industry leader as an integrated international and diversified modern manufacturing services group in trading, industry, technology and financing. SUMEC Group ranks No. 322 in Chinese top 500 enterprises and No. 107 in the China top 500 service enterprises. 

For a long time, SUMEC Group upholds the mission of "integrating global resources, sharing human civilisation", and continues to build comprehensive competitive advantage by combining technology research and development, lean manufacturing, multinational operation, global investment and raising capital. The intergradations of 73 global enterprises and overseas branch institutions has facilitated the localization of operations, marketing, product development, branding, assurance of logistic and after-sales service. SUMEC Group has built a global business to develop “advanced manufacturing” with market capacity, channels and customer resources platform advantages, products, markets, and increasingly diverse customers. SUMEC Group has comprehensively introduced the Lean Production System to pilot Intelligent Manufacturing Mode . SUMEC Group has been established manufacturing bases of core products of cleaning energy, auto parts, motorcycle parts, rail transportation accessories, power generation equipment, power tools, textile and clothing and shipping industry, and is continuously improving the production management level. Aiming at integrated innovation and collaborative innovation, and relying on global R&D network and its own technology innovation platform, SUMEC Group implements R&D strategy to introduce, digest and reabsorb major technologies, so as to master the core techniques in key areas. SUMEC enhances flexibility and intelligent level of industrial manufacturing driven by techniques. SUMEC Group drives industrial upgrading with “industry + capital". Targeting traditional industries and strategic emerging industries, SUMEC Group innovates financing models to build multi-level financing system. Through investment strategy, industrial investment and necessary financial investment, SUMEC Group actively cultivates strategic emerging industries.

FiberHome is a listed company and one of the Top 10 companies in global optical transport, access network equipment, and fibre optic cable. FiberHome's parent company, Wuhan Research Institute of Posts is the only academy of science in China combining three strategic technologies - optical communication systems, optical fibre cables and photoelectric devices - into one research and industrial entity. It is the first research institute that has fibre-optic transmission technology and equipment in China, representing the highest level of research in China's optical fibre communication domain. Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Co., Ltd. (Referred to as "Wasin Fujikura”), the counterparty of SUMEC, is a joint venture established by FiberHome and the world-renowned optical fibre and cable company Fujikura of Japan. It is the industry standard setter of first enterprise standard on single-mode fibre, and boasts the largest optical fibre and optical cable production base in China.

Both parties will use "SUMEC Wasin Communications, Inc.” as the cooperative agent to execute exclusive cooperative strategy. With SUMEC Group’s advantages in multinational operation and resource integration and Wasin Fujikura’s advantages in fibre optic cable technology research and manufacture, SUMEC Wasin Communication Co., Ltd. will play the role of a connecting bridge. They will jointly explore the markets of international fibre optic cable, optical networks, broadband data, data communication, distribution data line, microelectronics, integration of video, home networking and other optical communication, to achieve quality development.

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