SUMEC New Energy Industry Base Starting Production in Dongtai

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On April 15, 2016, the SUMEC new energy industry base with a total output value of RMB 1.2 billion yuan in the first phase was officially put into operation in Dongtai, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Cai Jibo, President of SUMET Group, Chen Weihong, the Party Committee Secretary of Dongtai city, and Li Xiaojiang, General Manager of SUMEC Energy Holdings, attended the commissioning ceremony.


As a key member of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), one of the world’s Top 500 enterprises, SUMEC Group has had a foothold in the PV power field for more than 10 years. SUMEC actively promotes the research of core PV technologies and the development of the PV industry, and strives to be a clean energy service provider and operator who supplies core products and system integration, with strong support in investment and financing.


In the domestic market, SUMEC focuses on promoting, developing and maintaining large ground as well as distributed PW power plants in East China. Following the principles of "climbing up to the roof, stepping down to the farmland and reaching the users," SUMEC has become the largest PV power plant developer and operator in Jiangsu Province. In the international market, efforts are spent on business model innovation and integration of the needs of stakeholders including investors, developers, builders, equipment suppliers and financial institutions, so as to create system value through providing package solutions including an energy portfolio and structured financing.



According to the "13th Five-year" new energy industry planing of SINOMACH and SUMEC, SUMEC New Energy Company will build a large sector of clean energy including PV and wind, endeavor to create a "ten billion yuan" new energy industry chain, and grow into a leading clean energy provider and service operator in the world.

Since settling in Dongtai in 2013, SUMEC Group has given full play to its industrial and technological advantages and has focused on the development of new energy PV core products. SUMEC invested in a 50MW PV power plant, once the nation’s largest PV power station. After that the fishing-PV hybrid power plant has been built with the network of "wind power above, PV in the middle, and aquaculture below”. SUMEC created a new model of coastal economic development, realizing the new energy industry’s aim of "high starting point planning, high standard positioning, and high quality advancing”. The new production of SUMEC New Energy Industry Base (Dongtai) is an important step in SUMEC Group ’s advanced manufacturing strategy. It uses assembly production lines of high automation and intelligence currently in the industry, and for the first time in China, launches AC PV modules integrating traditional modules and micro inverter, as well as PV modules with home energy storage system. Six production lines in the first phase can produce 300MW of new PV module efficient components. The sales revenue is expected to be RMB1.2 billion this year.

On the commissioning ceremony, Dongtai’s Party Committee Secretary Chen Weihong said that since the beginning of this year, Dongtai has been seriously fulfilling the five development concepts, focusing on the breakthrough of major industrial projects, and on providing economic operational quality and efficiency. If the phase 1 of SUMEC new energy industry base can be completed and commissioned on schedule, it will play a significant role to accelerate the transformation, upgrading and promotion of the new energy industry in Dongtai. 

SUMEC Group President Cai Jibo expressed his confidence in the development of Dongtai new energy. According to the strategic planning of China National Machinery Corporation and SUMEC, Dongtai is the most important production base for SUMEC. At the next step, SUMEC intends to further develop core clean energy products, technology and related projects in Dongtai, assisting the city’s clean energy industry to grow on a high level. SUMEC will turn the new energy industry base into a bright-spot, high-quality project, and, on its basis, further promote SUMEC Group's overall industry transformation and upgrading. 


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