SUMEC Ranking Top 10 Chinese Garments Exporters

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According to the News Flash of Garments Exporting of China from January to December 2015 issued by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles and Garments in February 2016, among 90,000 textiles and garments exporters in China, SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. ascended to be one of the top 10 with its excellent performance of USD 710 million export amount and an increase of 23.4% on a year-on-year basis, and continued to be the top one in China in exporting textile and garments to EU. 

Under the severe situation with the diversification and adjustment of the global economy and the domestic economy having entered “new constant status”, and with the export of textiles and garments in China recording a negative growth (-4.9%) in 2015, SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. closely sticks to the integrated development strategies of “trade, industry, technology and finance”, and has built a “small front-end and large platform” organization to keep fast reaction to the market and the customers. It has set up overseas branches in key markets and kept strengthening market layout, channel construction and customer services to realize localized operation. It has actively facilitated the construction of overseas industries. The second factory in Myanmar will be launched into cooperation soon. It succeeded in creating its own brand, under which SUMEC ETON KIDD school uniform brand and another 66 famous brands such as Haier showed up in the Times Square in New York, keeping its position as the first brand in school uniforms in China. 

In 2015, SUMEC Group further implemented the operation concept of “developing with quality”; all operation indicators have increased steadily and operation income, total profits and import and export amount have all hit the historical record.

Facing the future, under the overall strategic orientation of “modern manufacturing and service corporation”, SUMEC will keep facilitating the double-wheel driving model with “industrial operation” and “investment and development” mutually supporting and converting each other. It will continuously structure the integration of “trade, industry, technology and finance”, build new advantages in global competition led by service, technology, quality and brand, and try hard to achieve the goal of “building another SUMEC in the 13th Five-year Plan” period”.

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