SUMEC Phono Solar Builds Outdoor Pilot Project PV Power Station in the Hot and Humid Environment of Hainan

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SUMEC Phono Solar recently announced the successful commencement of operations as part of an outdoor pilot project for PV power stations to be established in the hot and humid environment of Hainan. The 3KW power generation test system connected to the power grid in Hainan is composed of various modules produced by SUMEC Phono Solar, including mono PV modules, poly PV modules, double-glazed solar PV modules and black silicon modules. The main purpose of the pilot project is to evaluate the environmental durability of PV modules on site and to monitor the power generation efficiency of the PV system in a hot and humid natural environment such as that of Hainan.

Phono Solar PV modules have been sold around the world, to the north of Hokkaido at the highest latitudes and in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere at the lowest latitudes. The climate difference is obvious in different regions of the world and PV modules must be able to endure heat and humidity, dry heat, extreme coldness and other extreme weathers for the next 25 years. Therefore, the smooth operation and efficient functioning of the PV power station is very important to ensure profits for investors. In a complex environment, the environmental durability of PV modules and the power generation efficiency of the PV system become key factors in ensuring profits for investors.

The outdoor pilot project of PV power station in a hot and humid environment was jointly built by SUMEC Sinomach New Energy Institute and China Electric Apparatus Research Institute. The project has now begun operations, with operational system states being monitored in real time through a data transmission platform. Field tests will be conducted on pilot modules, including visual inspections, infrared testing and maximum power values monitoring every half year. After two years of field tests, the ultimate testing will be conducted in the laboratory at aspects of maximum power, insulation moisture leakage, EL, temperature coefficient and low radiation. By comparing different data and system performance ratios (PRs), valuable accurate data will be provided to enable the optimization of environmental differences in design of the power station, selection of module materials out of consideration of environmental differences and power generation estimation methods and reliable technical supports, which will be provided to Phono Solar for further improvement of the quality of PV products and safeguarding of investor returns.

Phono Solar has cooperated with China Electric Apparatus Research Institute to build a professional meteorological system in Jiangsu Xuyi Power Station. Phono Solar is now planning to build a power generation system in the dry heat environment of Turpan, Xinjiang, which will be three times the scale of the Hainan project. The goal of this project will be to evaluate environmental durability and power generation efficiency of PV modules on site as the PV power station operates under various extreme weather conditions. 

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