SUMEC Etonkidd Rural Education in Progress

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Do you remember that pair of big eyes filled with innocence and pleasure in the report of Etonkidd Rural Education Journey last year?

Do you remember those colorful picture books about the philosophy for children which impact a child’s entire life?


Do you remember the “Reading Project of the Picture Books about the Philosophy for Children” at Etonkidd?

Recently, the appraisal results were released for the “Reading Activities concerning the Philosophy for Children in 2015” carried out by SUMEC Etonkidd and “Kusixiong” . Through the appraisal and election of the judging panel, a total of 4 awards for best teacher essay, 12 awards for best student essay, 12 awards for best philosophical story, 5 awards for best instructional design, 7 awards for best article with pictures, 4 awards for best picture, 2 awards for best philosophy salon, and 20 best philosophy scene plays were ultimately unveiled. With such forms as story listening, story reading, story telling, story playing, story continuation and fair tale original creation, the reading activities enable children to be rational and to be behave well. At the same time, they also stimulate the desire to read and arouse a child’s enthusiasm for learning and enrich their academic experiences.

This appraisal and election activity involved rural primary schools with approximately four thousand teachers and students from 11 provinces and municipalities, including Anhui, Shandong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Gansu, Hunan, Chongqing, and Sichuan. It has played a positive promotional role in optimizing the effects of courses and promoting the quality of reading. 

SUMEC Etonkidd Brand (Official Website: has brought in the gene of “leading the reformation of Chinese uniforms and promoting the rebuilding of human common values” since its establishment. It serves education with an educational spirit and educational feelings and sticks to the public welfare and inclusiveness of education. To this end, the company has established the SUMEC Etonkidd Education Charitable Fund and sponsors and currently promotes a series of public welfare programs exclusively for small-scale schools in remote villages in conjunction with the 21st century education research institute. Such series of educational public welfare activities as the “Etonkidd Rural Educational Action”, “Scientific Reading • Life Literacy Program (0-8 years old)”, “Reading Project of the Picture Books about the Philosophy for Children (8-12 years old)” and “SUMEC Eton Academy (over 18 years old)” initiated in 2014 are a critical part of these efforts. 

For years, SUMEC Group has continuously paid attention to the challenges faced by it and society and has continuously fulfilled the social responsibility of the corporate citizen at the same time as focusing on the development of employees within the enterprise. These objectives include: to build a Hope Primary School to enable more children to get into the classroom; to establish an education fund for poor families to help youth practice the road to study; to cooperate with colleges and universities and implement the “Outstanding Talent Plan” to inspire innovative dreams amongst youth to enable more groups to share in the achievements of the enterprise development and enable more people to build their dreams and grow up together through the large platform made possible by SUMEC. 

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