SUMEC Phono Solar Receives INMETRO Class A Certification

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As SUMEC’s provider of new energy solutions, Phono Solar recently declared that its 260W and 310W polycrystalline PV modules successfully obtained INMETRO certification and were awarded Class A certification.

INMETRO certification assures the conversion efficiency of PV modules, with certification ratings ranging from A to E. This is a necessary proof that PV modules meet the Brazilian standards and permit access to the Brazilian market. The certification result demonstrates that the conversion efficiency of Phono Solar PV modules far exceed Class A standards in regard to INMETRO certification. Attaining INMETRO certification also lays a sound foundation for Phono Solar to further tap new energy markets in Brazil as well as the rest of South America.

Brazil is currently a major economy with the highest proportion of renewable energy resources in the world. Its renewable energy resources account for about 45 percent of the total energy mix. Recently, Brazil has planned to put two new PV policies into practice, which are expected to greatly stimulate PV demand in the largest economy in South America and boost rapid development across all South American PV markets. The year 2024 will see Brazil complete its 7GW PV project. 

According to the quarterly report released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), at the end of last month SUMEC’s Phono Solar PV modules outperformed, and replaced Japan KYOCERA to rank amongst the top 10 shipment rankings of PV modules in August. The shipment of Phono Solar components ranked first in the United Kingdom, and also held a top ranking in the United States and Japan.

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