SUMEC’s FIRMAN Generating Sets Power Largest Integrated Development Urban Complex in China

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The FIRMAN brand, owned by SUMEC, recently provided 9770KVA generating sets and installation services to the largest integrated development urban complex of China – Suzhou Center Project.

Suzhou Center Project is located to the west of famous Jinji Lake - a 5A scenic area within the Suzhou Industrial Park, and close to “The Gate of the Orient”. The project covers an area of approximately 167,000 square meters, and incorporates shopping centers, office blocks, serviced apartments and high-quality hotels. The project will develop a total of approximately 1.82 million square meters of construction area and represents the largest integrated development unban complex in China to date.

The Suzhou center energy supply project is primarily divided into two parts – the “energy center” and the “quality hotel” segments. SUMEC FIRMAN provided three parallel-used generating sets with 2500KVA and 10KV for the “energy center” and one generating set with 2270KVA and 400V for the “quality hotel”, of which the three medium-voltage sets for the “energy center” will apply cooling tower remote cooling models to facilitate sharing and connection of plate heat exchangers and cooling systems between the generating set systems and the commonly used air conditioner systems. Through the complex logic system, the entire external fuel system and air inlet and outlet system will be under unified control and the priority of the generating sets will be ensured in case of emergencies.

In recent years, FIRMAN generating sets have won numerous domestic and overseas bids and the service areas involve a wide scope of applications including power plants, mobile emergency power supply, internet data centers, marine platforms, mines, and highland power stations. By taking advantage of its global product research, development, and manufacturing capabilities, as well as its systematic service capabilities in the realm of design consulting, installation and testing and after-sales service, SUMEC provides its clients with a full range of high-quality industrial diesel oil power devices and technical solutions, assisting them in obtaining stable and reliable power supply. With its core principle of providing stable, high efficiency and highly responsive services, SUMEC also provides 24-hour top-tier after-sales guarantees.

Looking to the future, SUMEC Machinery & Electric Company will continue to focus on its operation principle of “For Better Life of Human Being” as it creates and builds a better life for mankind. BETTER POWER BETTER LIFE!\

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