SUMEC Assists King of the Film World to Establish the “First Asian Column”

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Known as the First Asian Column, the propylene and propane distillation column is supplied by SUMEC Group Corporation’s SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. (SUMEC-ITC) and was recently put into operation at Zhongjing Petrochemical Science Park. The column received investments from China Packaging Group and King of the Film World and is the core equipment of the 800 kt/a Propane Dehydrogenation to Propylene (PDH) Unit. The single column weighs 1,638.8 tons and is of a diameter of 10.4m. Its height is equal to that of Jinling Hotel and reaches to a height of 118.45m.


As the key equipment importer, SUMEC-ITC provides integrated business services such as import business arrangements, financial planning and logistics support for the core project equipment through a reliance on strong operation capabilities and professional advantages. The company has provided reliable and professional support for advance delivery of equipment, successful construction and project startup and has successfully completed import work for the First Asian Column. It has thus garnered positive recognition from China Packaging Group, the project investor.

SUMEC is focusing on customer needs and providing premium, professional and efficient equipment import services. The company has introduced dozens of the world’s leading production lines and other auxiliary production equipment for China Packaging Group, with cumulative import volume of nearly USD 1 billion. The successful import of the First Asian Column not only shows that China Packaging Group has recognized SUMEC’s business abilities and proven the previous cooperation results of both parties, but also indicates that the strategic cooperation relationship between both parties has been further deepened.

As the largest comprehensive importer of mechanical and electrical equipment in China, SUMEC-ITC continuously improves its four-in-one integrated abilities of resource supply, commercial consulting, financial supports and logistic services. SUMEC-ITC has established stable and reliable cooperative relationships with top international equipment manufacturers with global influence and has thus provided optimal equipment and technical proposals for domestic customers. SUMEC-ITC is the best choice for equipment import and technological upgrading for thousands of industrial manufacturers in China, providing tailored financial solutions, personalized logistics proposals and professional business services to meet whole-process package customer business needs.

SUMEC is creating a promising future with customers by promoting technological advances and by assisting in industrial upgrading.

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China Packaging Group Co., Ltd is the producer with the world’s largest production capacity and widest production lines of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, enjoying renown as the “King of the Film World”. BOPP, one of its main products, is also known as “Queen of Packaging”, and is widely applied in pharmaceuticals, food, clothing and trademark printing. As the largest private investment project under construction in Fujian province, the project has received a total investment of RMB 15 billion. The project design scheme includes a 1600 kt/a polypropylene and 2000 kt/a propylene production unit as well as other auxiliary facilities.

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