Costa Rican President Solís Attends Electric Power Generation Ceremony of SUMEC-Constructed Project

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On May 29, the Electric Power Generation Ceremony of Cachí Hydropower Station Expansion project, constructed by SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltd, was held with great success. Costa Rica President Solís, Minister of Environment and Energy Ministry Gutierrez, Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy to Costa Rica Wang Hongqiang, executive president of Costa Rica Electricity Power Company Obregon and persons in charge of Cachí Project Department of SUMEC-CEEC attended the ceremony.


President Solís spoke highly of the Cachí Hydropower Station Expansion Project and noted that the project was a great step forward in Costa Rica’s development of clean energy, which has realized the public’s expectation of fully developing the potential of the Cachí Hydropower Station. The government will do more work in the future to further optimize the national energy structure. President Solís unveiled the nameplate for the project and pressed the power switch for power unit No. 4.

President Solís held cordial talks with Shi Zhongkai, Manager of the Cachí Project from SUMEC-CEEC, expressing congratulations to SUMEC on its success in the Cachí Project and noting his appreciation for the Chinese teams’ contributions. He also stated that he hopes SUMEC will contribute more to Costa Rica’s economic construction.

The total investment placed in the expansion project of power unit No. 4 of the Cachí Hydropower Station amounts to USD180 million, for which BCIE was the loan provider. The service of this project enables the current installed capacity of Cachí Hydropower Station to expand from 100 MW to 160 MW. It is estimated that another 71,000 households will benefit (total of 191,000 households) and 100% of the current reservoir water-holding capacity can be used for power generation. The previous low utilization ratio of water-holding capacity (less than 60%) has been completely changed. The project powerfully promotes the operating efficiency and saves power generating costs.

As a comprehensive solution provider specializing in the environmental protection industry and focusing on the provision of project consultation, financing, engineering design, complete equipment supply, project construction and operation management, SUMEC-CEEC offers comprehensive hydroelectric generating sets for the newly-built power unit No. 4 (40MW), as well as supervision and guidance during installation, debugging, testing and test runs, thus ensuring the delivery of a project of excellent quality. This is the first hydropower station contracted by a Chinese-funded company in Costa Rica. Since the start of the project, SUMEC gave full play to its advantages in engineering techniques, system integration, and project management while overcoming a series of difficulties during transformation of the hydropower station through precision organization, professional communication and efficient operations. SUMEC achieved successes in turning the hydro-generator set for alignment, installation and debugging and won the owner’s trust and respect, thus laying a solid foundation for SUMEC’s further development of engineering contracts in Latin America.

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