SUMEC Wins the Bid of Equipment Procurement Project

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SMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently won the bidding in Shanghai Jinze Water Pumping Station Equipment Procurement Project. Jinze Water Pumping Station is located in the upstream of Huangpu River, namely Jinze Reservoir. This is an important project for the implementation of Shanghai water source strategy characterized by simultaneous development and integration of Huangpu River and Yangtze River. The project size is 3.51 million m3/d. In the future, the raw water in Taipu River up to Class III will get improved through this pumping station and flow into the downstream communicating pipe mainline, and supply water for the planned Songjiang midway pumping station. After the project is completed, it will guarantee the living water supply for 6.7 million citizens in the southwestern Shanghai and materially improve the water quality.

SUMEC has been committed to providing advanced water source processing technologies and solutions and promoting the intergraded cycling utilization of water recourses. With the comprehensive advantages in engineering design, technology R&D and equipment integration, outstanding technical business capacity and rich engineering experience, SUMEC can satisfy the clients’ demands from project financing to commissioning operations, and ensure the quality of all waterworks. In 2014, SMEC has completed over 30 municipal water treatment projects with the sizes of over ten thousand tonsand the daily water treatment capacity reaching over ten million tons.

In Shanghai, SUMEC has completed projects of Shanghai Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant and Shanghai Zhuyuan No. 2 Sewage Treatment Plant. The upgrading and extension project of Shanghai Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant won 2010 China Municipal Engineering Demonstration Gold Award and National Quality Project Gold Award.

Trickles will converge into seas. In the future, SUMEC will adhere to the engineering concept of making monumental work out of every project, practice the responsibilities of corporate citizenship, and provide more green products and solutions. We will work hand in hand with the society and create a wonderful life.

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In 2014, Jinze Reservoir was put into construction in Jinze, northern shore of Taipu River, Qingpu District. It connects Qingpu District, Songjiang District and other three districts in the upstream area of Huangpu River into an integrated raw water supply system, and draws water directly through Taipu River to fill the intake with abundant water. After Jinze Reservoir is completed, it will supply water for citizens in Qingpu, Songjiang, Jinshan, Fengxian, and Minhang Districts. On one hand, the water quality will be improved. On the other hand, the water source safety is intensified, the water quality is guaranteed, and the reservoir can ensure the water quality safety.

Taipu River Pumping Station is a single project in Taipu River project which is the key project of comprehensive management in Taihu Basin, serving to effectively improve the water quality of the intake in the Shanghai Huangpu River phase II upstream water diversion works (from Class IV-V to Class III), and to improve the water supply quality and guarantee rate for more than half of Shanghai population both in life and work. It can also serve water diversion by drawing water from Yangtze River to Taihu and Huangpu River together with Wangyu River project. It provides social benefits as well, including flood control, flood drainage and environmental enhancement.

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