SUMEC & CCTV Holds 2015 Chinese Character Dictation Competition

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Each Chinese character conveys culture and wisdom It is a heritage of thousands of years of culture of the Chinese nation. To each Chinese it stands for warmth, deep connotations, wisdom and intelligence.


On the afternoon of April 24, the national tour of Chinese Character Dictation Competition 2015 kicked off at Nanjing Jiangning Weaving Museum, jointly held by SUMEC Etonkidd, the international school uniform brand, CCTV and Modern Express.

Mr. Chen Zhong, chief editor of the magazine Quality Education and director of SUMEC Etonkidd delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony. He indicated that Chinese character, which is a combination of pronunciation, form and meaning, had been passed down for 5,000 years. However, in the era of big data, we have less reading and writing opportunities, so that sometimes we even fail to write certain characters. With the words gone, to what may culture adhere? And when this happens, cultural crisis is going to emerge. The reasonsof holding Chinese Character Dictation Competition are to restore the meaning and spirit of the Chinese character and to emphasize the meaning of their writing. We agree that the Chinese character, as the most fundamental carrier of the Chinese dream, cultural dream and educational dream, is significantly related to our nation’s cultural heritage and future. Society as a whole should pay sufficient attention to Chinese characters and to the popularization of culture and elementary education. This is in accordance with the ideas advocated by Etonkidd: to lead the school uniform revolution in China and to push the rebuilding of universal educational values.

After the commencement ceremony, a forum with the theme of the Chinese Character to Activate the Classical: Awakening the Writing Memories of the Chinese People was held at the museum where several experts and scholars expressed their opinions of the cultural crisis of the Chinese character.
In a speech entitled The Chinese Character and Confucianism, Mr. Li Bo, a famous scholar and keynote speaker of Lecture Room mentioned the phenomenon of people failing to write certain characters. He noted that the Chinese culture is rooted in its language, and a person would become indifferent emotionally to his or her mother tongue if he or she fails to form a habit of writing. Besides foreign invasions, the extinction of the character and dismemberment of its language  pose the greatest danger to a nation. Cultural crisis is the true crisis of a nation. The Chinese character is the only pictographic and semasiography character in the world still in use today, any single character can represent the Chinese culture, show some wisdom, tell a history and be of great value. We could communicate with our ancestor philosophers and receive the essence of Confucianism and the Chinese culture through the study of the Chinese character.

Mr. Zhou Defan, former national educational inspector and chairman of Tao Xingzhi Research Jiangsu delivered a splendid speech entitled To Love Our Mother Tongue and Learn Chinese Well——Preconditions of Improving Educational Quality in China, expounding upon the significant meaning of the Chinese character from the perspective of mother tongue education. “The mother tongue culture carried in the culture of the Chinese character is the last defense of our nation’s survival. We must keep to it, and make it better; we should learn it well,” noted Zhou.
The word character is the human ladder of progress. To recognize different characters, tell one from another and know their meanings is an inevitable path towards the kingdom of knowledge for each and every child. This is a very important reason why SUMEC Etonkidd has been driving the rebuilding of the value of cultural education, and pushing the promotion of children’s philosophical readings and science cognition programs in the schools of rural China. Education never owes its public benefit to the effort of certain individuals, but rather is owing to everyone’s participation and dedication. Moving forward, SUMEC Etonkidd will always adhere to its ideas of leading the school uniform revolution in China and pushing the rebuilding of universal educational value, establishing platforms of educational communications, and popularizing ideal educational values with an educational spirit and sentiment.

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