SUMEC Selected as “Jiangsu Provincial Key Enterprise R&D Institute”

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Jiangsu Province recently officially released its second set of assessment results for “Jiangsu Provincial Key Enterprise R&D Institutes”. A total of 34 enterprises in Nanjing received eligibility, and SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd was successfully shortlisted. At the same time, Jiangsu announced its approvals for the establishment of 25 provincial-level engineering centers, and SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd was formally authorized to establish Jiangsu New Energy Power Tools Engineering Center. This represents a new stage of development in SUMEC Group’s construction of independent innovation system.

The selection for the “Jiangsu Provincial Key Enterprise R&D Institutes” is an important measure taken by the Jiangsu Provincial Government to greatly improve the innovative abilities of enterprises, and the program features critical cultivation of select research institutions with leading talents,outstanding capabilities, strong investment in innovation, and optimized technological innovation systems. These include medium-and large-sized industrial enterprises with R&D platforms of provincial-level R&D institutes, provincial engineering technology R&D centers, provincial engineering centers, and provincial enterprise technology centers. The aim is to achieve key technological breakthroughs in major industries. Shortlisted enterprises will not only enjoy preferential recommended application to national-level enterprise research institution policy support, but will also receive various preferential provincial-level supports which will facilitate future enterprise development. 

The “Jiangsu New Energy Drive Tool Engineering Center” authorized to be built by SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd fully exhibits the recognition and expectations placed on SUMEC by the local government to carry out cooperative innovation, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, and develop through innovation. In the next step, SUMEC Group will attach greater importance to the quality of its overall R&D team, the usage efficiency of R&D funds, and the R&D project conversion levels to promote higher levels of marketization and industrialization in technical innovation system construction, which will facilitate SUMEC’s high-quality and sustainable development. 

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